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Bits and Bobs…..and a New Sponsor!!

29 Oct

This winter I will be riding for Celtek gloves! Really happy as they have some lush mitts that I already have my eye on! And will definitely need them for freezing cold Breckenridge! If you click on the link below it should take you to their website:

Celtek Facebook profile image 180x180

Also still trying my very hardest to get to the O’Neill Pleasure Jam by doing well in the Video Contest. I still need lots more votes, so if you do have a spare minute and you don’t mind voting for me, that would be amazing. I feel so bad for keeping on asking/begging people to vote for me, it must be so annoying! But really don’t know what else to do to try and get votes! If you do want to vote, you need to do it from a computer, “like” the page and then vote. Voting ends 1st Nov, so not much time left!

O'Neill Pleasure Jam Video Contest 2013

Christmas has come early for me too! I have had some packages arrive for me this week to get me ready for the winter season. Still have to pinch myself, im so lucky and it must be every girls dream to get clothes/shoes:):)

O'Neill Clothes                                                                O’Neill Winter Collectionwinter outfits                                                                      Winter Outfits!

rocket dog new shoes                                                                  Rocket Dog Winter Collection:)

Rocket dog on the beach                                                   Rocket Dog Dean High Top Shoe on the Beach, Exmouth

And looking forward to this too……………………………..FREEEZE!!!!


O’Neill Pleasure Jam Video Contest 2013

17 Oct

Ok so I need everyones help!!!! I have made an edit (sorry about the re-used footage) for The O’Neill Pleasure Jam Video Contest. The person with the most votes gets to go to the contest in Austria for free……and to be honest i’m pretty skint at the moment so this could be my only chance at going! So please please help me if you can…

You need to click on the pic below and “like” the page, then vote! The if possible share it with your friends too:):) Thank you, fingers crossed! x x x

O'Neill Pleasure Jam Video Contest 2013


Whitelines Magazine October 2013

21 Sep

Whitelines Magazine has just been released and I managed to get a “Contender” page in the October 2013 issue, stoked! Really really happy with the shot too on the wall ride at Miss Super Park this year in Keystone. Hiked the thing soooo many times, also fell over the back one time (ooopse)….but was well worth it in the end! Thanks so much to Mike Yoshida for the AMAZING photo, black and white pics look awesome I think!

The guys at Whitelines asked me to do a collage type thing and be creative……………(maybe was trying to be a bit too funny too)!!!!!

whitelines contender page2 001

Mike Yosida, miss super park 2013

Also got a pic slipped into the contents page from the Brits this year #tryingtofly????????!!!

whitelines contents page 001

So thank you Whitelines:) x

Winter’s Coming!!!

9 Sep

So I haven’t updated my blog in a while as I have been busy with things like getting married and stuff! I wont bore you with lots of photos, but here a just a few:) Loved wearing my Rocket Dog Ornella Heels, I wanted a really colourful bright happy wedding! Massive thank you to Aladdin Gulec at FX Photography for all of the pictures

Wedding FX Photography

Rocket Dog Wedding Shoes Bridesmaids FX Photography

Apart from weddings, I have been working to try and save some money and keeping fit and healthy for when I can get back on my board. Been doing lots of bike rides and hammering the gym:)

Bike rides Gym workouts

Also just been having a lovely time exploring Devon, forgot how pretty it is here in the summer!

Devon summer Handstands devon

Practically worn this O’Neill Pretty Petal Dress allll summer!!!!!

Walks in Devon, O'Neill Pretty Petal Dress

and of course I’ve been getting heaps of beach time and tanning in!!!! Its what Devonshire summers are all about!

beach time!

But now that winter is definitely on its way, I’m getting SO excited to get back on my board. This has been the longest time I have had off my snowboard since I started snowboarding and I have never been so keen to go ride. Worried I have forgotten how:(

Plans are coming together, just bought my Breckenridge/Keystone season pass! So happy! Here are some pics from Breck/Keystone last year

Rodeo Breck feb 2013 Keystone

Really hoping to get out to Austria for a bit of pre season riding too……….

Started back at my old job now so this is serious saving/hibernating time to get ready for the season. Its a mission from Devon, but hopefully I can get a little trip in to one of the domes soon to try and get my legs back……..and test out my new CONTOUR camera:)

Contour Camera

Summer Interview

10 Jul

My Aussie friend Jordan Blair Duncan sent me over a mid summer interview to do:) Here it is, enjoy! Thank you Jordan:)Boardgirl Interview

Summer so far……..

25 Jun

So this year we decided to have a summer in the UK, first one in about 6 years!! I have some important events going on this summer in the UK so needed to be around;) I love Devon in the summer, especially when its sunny!

Budleigh Beach Exmouth Beach

And Its been so good to hang out with all my friends and family that I have neglected so much over the years

Got myself a sweet summer job in a surf/water sports shop in Exmouth, Liquid Motion…’s Billy loading up his car

Liquid Motion, Exmouth The Shop!

And I have some lovely new O’Neill summer clothes, Rocket Dog shoes and Dragon sunnies….and I can actually wear them all this summer as I am not in the snow…..been wearing heels every chance I get!

O'Neill Summer Collection

Rocket Dog summer shoe collection!

Dragon sunnies

But oh my god, I am missing snowboarding sooooo much! This has been the longest without it since I started really! Haven’t even managed to get up to a dome as its such a mission from Devon

So I have started some summer activities to try to fill the void. First of all SUP!!! ( Stand Up Paddle Boarding). I have this thing (gripping fear) with fish and the water, so work have been trying to ease me into it. And I’m actually quite enjoying it (well i’ve only been once but will go again…..maybe). I have to get into it as I have bought a wetsuit….


And much more my cup of tea (on dry land), is Long Boarding!!! I’m not very good at this yet but Im having a lovely time…..sea breeze in my face, my hair billowing in the wind, the sun on my back…..just need to learn to turn!!! I have met a friend who is a super cool long boarder and she is taking me under her wing and we go up and down the sea front after work

Longboarding with pals Longboarding on dry land:) weeeeeeeeeeeee

And of course still hammering the gym to keep fit and healthy for as soon as I can get back on my board….getting into Zumba!!!!!

But still, I would much rather be in Perisher snowboarding right now, I honestly feel lost without it! Even harder when my good Irish friend Miss Orla Doolin is over there right now, having the time of her life im sure……..cant wait for next summer when I go back! Darragh Walsh and Orla sent me a pic, I made it onto the front cover of a newspaper/magazine in OZ, so i’m there in sprirt!!!

perisher mag front cover

Ill update on more summer activities soon:) x

Spring Edit from Tignes

17 May

I had grand plans for sunbathing, sunny park laps and lots of filming during my spring shred in Tignes…..but the weather had other ideas. So grabbed the few sunny park days we got and filmed a couple of tricks:)

Tignes Spring Shred from katie blundell on Vimeo.

*****Spring Break**********:):)

10 May

On Saturday we left Tignes and did the long drive over to Kaunertal in Austria for the annual British Snowboard Test….now known as “SPRING BREAK”

Everyone was there and it was so good to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in ages

si and soph, 2 of my fav people

I got to ride with the girls a bit which was awesome:)

The girls:)

The first day there was a rail jam on the stair set, here is a pic of the set up:

Rail Jam

Then on Tuesday there was the Dragon Method compeition on the hip……Rich won £40 boom!!! I tried to learn methods!!!

This was followed by best trick on the hip……….I did some tail grabs surprise surprise….finale of a double tail grab!!! I just love them. Not many pics have surfaced yet but here is one of Angus Leith I stole from his FB

angus hip

I really wanted to get some more filming done but the weather was against us again….the only sunny day I was having waaaaay to much fun just riding!!!

But I did join in at the Tie Dye Party on the hill…..was heaps of fun but decided to sack off wearing gloves so had blue hands for 3 days

Tie dye board test

Had lots of fun this year:) We had to leave early to save the pennies, so Im back in the UK now and its pissing it down!!!!!!! Welcome home! Seriously regretting the decision to have a summer in the UK haha! Need to win the lottery!

me and orla

Tignes “spring” shred!!

10 May

So I was in Tignes for the last 5 weeks of the season. After the coldness of Breck I had grand plans to work on my sun tan and take some slushy spring laps in the park!!! But it ended up being such bad weather for pretty the whole time I was there. Which was good as it encouraged me to work more and pay off some debt, but wasn’t so good for filming, park laps and sun tanning!!! Managed a couple days filming, so there will be another very mini edit soon. Here are some screen shots:

back 3 tail

spring jibbing in Tignes rode 7!

We did manage to get another couple of pow days in though:)

April powder in Tignes

Then it was off to Kaunertal in Austria for the British Board Test……..or “Spring Break” as its now called!!!!!

Express and Echo Newspaper

10 May

I made it into my local newspaper, on the same page as an article about some local pigs, which is nice!!! SUCH a bad pic though haha!!!

Express and Echo

Whitenoize Magazine:)

10 May

I was lucky enough to get an interview in this months Whitenoize Magazine:) Hope I’m not woffling too much!

Whitenoize Magazine 1

Whitenoize Magazine 2

Coven Magazine

24 Apr

At the British Board Test last year, Coven Magazine did an interview with me. They asked me about my “Sketchiest Moment Snowboarding”, so here it is! #alwayswearhelmetskids!!!

Coven Magazine

PBRJ Finals Avoriaz

10 Apr

Back in January I qualified in Laxx for the PBRJ Finals in Avoriaz. So straight after the Brits I headed over to Morzine

I met up with some of the girls I had met in Laxx, and also my friend Sabrina:)

Me and Sabrina:)

Again the weather was really REALLY bad, so snowy and misty and freeeezing! But we kept warm hiking. The features were a long long down rail, a double kink, and two flat bars to down rail (gnarly). Here are some pics, sorry they are not that clear!

the set up
The set up

We got a warm up on the rails, then a long wait in the snow for our heat. There was 2 heats, Sabrina and I had the most amazing girls in our heat, haha I didn’t stand a chance! The heat was 15 mins, best trick on each rail. I rode so badly, was so embarrassed!! So didn’t make it through to the final:(

But our friend Ross did, and here is a nice picture of him:

Ross Needham

But I was stoked to make it to the finals in Avoriaz anyway and inspired watching some of my fav rail chicks ride….also got to hang out with one of my besties Sophie Addison:):)

Back in Tignes now, enjoying some chill time and earning some money until the Board Test “Spring Break” in Austria woooooooooohoooooo x

The Brits

31 Mar

So I flew back from Bear to Denver Friday, spent the night in Denver airport, back to Breck Saturday, back down to Denver Sunday and arrived in Tignes on Monday night…..straight into The Brits on Tuesday morning

So I was kinda tired going into the first event….. Bangers for Cash….The Brits Rail Jam. Tried to get into it but I was def struggling….but somehow managed to get 2nd!

Well done to all the ladies…Becky Menday 1st, Sabrina Burnham 3rd and Tignes local Kate Woods in 4th:)

Here are some pics and a zeach from the day:

Sabrina and me Zeach back lip 5-0 sam mellish BRITS2013_Podium_BangersandCash_Women's_550x328

After a mellow day riding on Wednesday, it was straight into The Brits Slopestyle on Thursday…..unfortunately, like for the rail jam, it was really really bad weather again

Visibility was so bad and it was so snowy, it was really just a case of trying to land a run and stay on your feet. I managed to get to the final, and stayed on my feet for my runs which gave me first place. Think I was just lucky! My final run I couldn’t see a thing…..decided it would be a great idea to take my goggles off my eyes half way down the run in to the jump……..this was actually the worst idea EVER, was totally blinded by the snow, couldn’t see where the lips were and couldn’t see how fast I was going. But I survived……minus any style on the course (kinda embarrassed by how bad my style was:( ). But was so happy with my placing, couldn’t have wish for more. Again well done to all the ladies….. Nathalie Silkstone 2nd, Kate Woods 3rd…….we battled through some pretty horrendous conditions! Here are some pics……sorry I’m not looking so hot

Slopestyle Slopestyle

The BEST thing was….Rich Jonas (my boyfriend), won the Masters devision!!!! He hasn’t done a contest for a few years and it was so nice to actually do one with him!!! Was even more stoked for his result than mine…..theres life in the old dog yet!!! So we have matching gold medals….pretty gay really (his and hers!!!) but I was really happy haha!

His and Hers

Then I was off to Morzine for the European Finals of the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam……………

Big Bear with The Reason Magazine

24 Mar

For the last 5 days I have been in Bear Mountain for a UK girls photo shoot with the Reason Magazine. James North (the best photographer in the world) and Si Belson (one of my favourite people of all time) picked me up from LAX and we drove up to Bear. The views on the way up were amazing!

Drive up to Bear Mountain

Bear has always been on my list of places to visit so stoked that I finally made it!


I met up with my friends Orla Doolin and Isy Jones who had been in Bear for the season…..was such a good girly crew:)

The girl gang

Bear was a complete opposite in every way to Breck. When I left breck it was snowing, -20 and mid winter conditions……Bear was hot hot +15, slushy and like summer! I actually kinda struggled getting used to the conditions as they were so diff, but was def enjoying the sun!! I tried to blend in and wore sunglasses and shirts to ride in, but was def not a cool as the locals

View from the top of Bear

We spent the first day and a half shooting pictures and then the rest of the time filming. Really hope I got some good stuff, Orla and Isy literally killed it, feel blessed I got to ride with them:)

Northy and Belson were heaps of fun to hang out with. Northy is the most patient person ever, feel so bad he had to deal with 3 girls haha! Here is a pic of Belson with my board, doesn’t even reach his nipples, gutted!


And the girls with our fav photographer…

Girls and Northy

After riding in Bear everyone chills out in the sun because its so hot! Ahhhhh its def given me a taste of summer now…..and I want more!!!

Chilling in the sun Big Bear Lake

So left Bear having had a great experience and with a few more freckles!!! Cant wait to see the article in the Reason Magazine…….

Returned to a blizzard in Breck, -23 freeeeeezing!!! Only here for one night then back to TIGNES!!!!!!!!!

Miss Super Park

11 Mar

So last week I was at Miss Super Park in Keystone. This was an event I had always watched videos of and was so happy/lucky that I managed to get into it:) There was so many AMAZING girls there, like around 40 of the worlds best ladies, felt a little intimidated for sure! But really inspiring for me:)

The set up was awesome/gnarly, here are some pics, there were another 2 jumps too but didn’t get pics:

Miss Super Park

Top rail

I rode with my Austrian friend Anna which was so fun! She def motivates me to be better!

Me and Anna Gasser:)

Everyday we got cooked a good lunch for freeeeeeee, always ate lots to try and be bigger for better speed on the jumps!!!!

Lunch time!

Met some awesome ladies, lots of which I had admired for a long time! Here is me and Mary Rand:)

Me and Mary Rand:)

Filmed 2 laps the whole time haha #havingtoomuchfun, here are some screen shots:

Front blunt Channel jump

I was so happy that I managed to get a shot on the last day on Snowboarder Magazine. Hiked it quite a few times and accidentally went over the back of the wall ride one time……. and it was a big drop:/ Good it was all worth while in the end!


And managed to get into one of the edits……..starring moment going up the chairlift with Anna, hahaha!!!

Shot in edit!

Hopefully I get to go back next year too:)

Now a week left in Breck then a photoshoot for the Reason Magazine for a week…….then TIGNES!!!!!

Breckenridge :)

4 Mar

So I have been in Breckenridge for the last 3 weeks, living the dream! Crashing with a load of Brits this time (actually mainly scottish), its a good crack!

Some of the crew

Been riding a lot, mainly Breck for jumping, but then a couple days over at Keystone too


Also been hitting the gym quite a bit and trying to get fit and healthy for my snowboarding! Here’s a pic of me and Charli:)


A big reason to come back to Breck was Woodward….I LOVE this place!! Almost more than snowboarding haha! Made a little edit from the other day, heres the link to it on Vimeo:

And actually finally managed to go upside down on my snowboard, not on snow yet tho:( But this is something I had wanted to do for ages!!!

Upside down at woodward:)

The weather hasnt been amazing, so not many solid jump days, but fun anyway and trying to learn some new stuff:/

On a bad weather day last week, me and Helen fox went out on a “Lifestyle” photo shoot for Ride Snowboards….the funniest thing ever!!! #notdestinedformodelling……… look out for some of the pics soon. Here is one of us in the forest:

Me and the Fox in the snow

Miss Super Park starts tomorrow, feel privileged and extremely lucky to have been able to get in, really really nervous as its with some amazing ladies. But it will be so inspiring and hopefully lots of fun! The set up looks kinda gnarly but awesome!

Miss Super Park

Then after that I’m off (fingers crossed) on a girly photoshoot for a week with Reason Magazine:). Maybe Bear, maybe Utah…….

Couple days back in Breck, then home to Tignes!

And a massive get well soon to my gym/woodward/riding buddy Charli Witts who badly broke her arm, 1 surgery, 2 plates and 13 screws later she is doing better and enjoying the painkillers x x x x

Witts arm Helen and Charli

Woodward Edit:)

24 Feb

Been going to Woodward quite a bit, really have a nice time there. Here is a small edit from Thursday’s session…..

Trying to do Gymnastics again….Woodward Edit:) from katie blundell on Vimeo.

Very Mini Edit From Tignes!

15 Feb

Unfortunately we only managed to film a couple of times in Tignes in January, so here is a very very mini edit…..nothing crazy but hopefully can get onto some proper filming now I’m in the states:)

Very mini edit from Tignes! from katie blundell on Vimeo.

Burton European Open………snowy contest EVER!!!!

9 Feb

So after a couple weeks in Tignes, I packed up my stuff and headed back to Laax, this time for the BEO

BEO Laax

I was staying in a hostel with Si, Faye, Isy and Silvia, it was a pretty cool room…..

Our hostel room! Si and Faye:) Hostel

So I got there on the Saturday, and the girls waited until Thursday in the hope that the weather would clear up and we could compete……..but it was pretty much snowy and windy the whole week, the worst weather!!! The guys managed to squeeze in some of their comp in a small window of good weather, but the girls just weren’t so lucky this time:(

Lift to top of slopestyle course!!!

Top of course!!!

BUT we got some epic POW riding in and lots of hanging out with the girls!

Nap time, waiting for news on the contest Pow riding with Katie O, Si and Faye
The girl gang!!!
Brit girls!!!!

I was pretty gutted the girls slopestyle was cancelled in the end, but I just have to think that it wasn’t meant to be for some reason….

I have just arrived in Breckenridge, stoked to be here! Just want to concentrate on actually riding for  a bit and learning some snowboarding! x