Big Bear with The Reason Magazine

24 Mar

For the last 5 days I have been in Bear Mountain for a UK girls photo shoot with the Reason Magazine. James North (the best photographer in the world) and Si Belson (one of my favourite people of all time) picked me up from LAX and we drove up to Bear. The views on the way up were amazing!

Drive up to Bear Mountain

Bear has always been on my list of places to visit so stoked that I finally made it!


I met up with my friends Orla Doolin and Isy Jones who had been in Bear for the season…..was such a good girly crew:)

The girl gang

Bear was a complete opposite in every way to Breck. When I left breck it was snowing, -20 and mid winter conditions……Bear was hot hot +15, slushy and like summer! I actually kinda struggled getting used to the conditions as they were so diff, but was def enjoying the sun!! I tried to blend in and wore sunglasses and shirts to ride in, but was def not a cool as the locals

View from the top of Bear

We spent the first day and a half shooting pictures and then the rest of the time filming. Really hope I got some good stuff, Orla and Isy literally killed it, feel blessed I got to ride with them:)

Northy and Belson were heaps of fun to hang out with. Northy is the most patient person ever, feel so bad he had to deal with 3 girls haha! Here is a pic of Belson with my board, doesn’t even reach his nipples, gutted!


And the girls with our fav photographer…

Girls and Northy

After riding in Bear everyone chills out in the sun because its so hot! Ahhhhh its def given me a taste of summer now…..and I want more!!!

Chilling in the sun Big Bear Lake

So left Bear having had a great experience and with a few more freckles!!! Cant wait to see the article in the Reason Magazine…….

Returned to a blizzard in Breck, -23 freeeeeezing!!! Only here for one night then back to TIGNES!!!!!!!!!


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