Miss Super Park

11 Mar

So last week I was at Miss Super Park in Keystone. This was an event I had always watched videos of and was so happy/lucky that I managed to get into it:) There was so many AMAZING girls there, like around 40 of the worlds best ladies, felt a little intimidated for sure! But really inspiring for me:)

The set up was awesome/gnarly, here are some pics, there were another 2 jumps too but didn’t get pics:

Miss Super Park

Top rail

I rode with my Austrian friend Anna which was so fun! She def motivates me to be better!

Me and Anna Gasser:)

Everyday we got cooked a good lunch for freeeeeeee, always ate lots to try and be bigger for better speed on the jumps!!!!

Lunch time!

Met some awesome ladies, lots of which I had admired for a long time! Here is me and Mary Rand:)

Me and Mary Rand:)

Filmed 2 laps the whole time haha #havingtoomuchfun, here are some screen shots:

Front blunt Channel jump

I was so happy that I managed to get a shot on the last day on Snowboarder Magazine. Hiked it quite a few times and accidentally went over the back of the wall ride one time……. and it was a big drop:/ Good it was all worth while in the end!


And managed to get into one of the edits……..starring moment going up the chairlift with Anna, hahaha!!!

Shot in edit!

Hopefully I get to go back next year too:)

Now a week left in Breck then a photoshoot for the Reason Magazine for a week…….then TIGNES!!!!!


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