Breckenridge :)

4 Mar

So I have been in Breckenridge for the last 3 weeks, living the dream! Crashing with a load of Brits this time (actually mainly scottish), its a good crack!

Some of the crew

Been riding a lot, mainly Breck for jumping, but then a couple days over at Keystone too


Also been hitting the gym quite a bit and trying to get fit and healthy for my snowboarding! Here’s a pic of me and Charli:)


A big reason to come back to Breck was Woodward….I LOVE this place!! Almost more than snowboarding haha! Made a little edit from the other day, heres the link to it on Vimeo:

And actually finally managed to go upside down on my snowboard, not on snow yet tho:( But this is something I had wanted to do for ages!!!

Upside down at woodward:)

The weather hasnt been amazing, so not many solid jump days, but fun anyway and trying to learn some new stuff:/

On a bad weather day last week, me and Helen fox went out on a “Lifestyle” photo shoot for Ride Snowboards….the funniest thing ever!!! #notdestinedformodelling……… look out for some of the pics soon. Here is one of us in the forest:

Me and the Fox in the snow

Miss Super Park starts tomorrow, feel privileged and extremely lucky to have been able to get in, really really nervous as its with some amazing ladies. But it will be so inspiring and hopefully lots of fun! The set up looks kinda gnarly but awesome!

Miss Super Park

Then after that I’m off (fingers crossed) on a girly photoshoot for a week with Reason Magazine:). Maybe Bear, maybe Utah…….

Couple days back in Breck, then home to Tignes!

And a massive get well soon to my gym/woodward/riding buddy Charli Witts who badly broke her arm, 1 surgery, 2 plates and 13 screws later she is doing better and enjoying the painkillers x x x x

Witts arm Helen and Charli


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