Whitelines Magazine October 2013

21 Sep

Whitelines Magazine has just been released and I managed to get a “Contender” page in the October 2013 issue, stoked! Really really happy with the shot too on the wall ride at Miss Super Park this year in Keystone. Hiked the thing soooo many times, also fell over the back one time (ooopse)….but was well worth it in the end! Thanks so much to Mike Yoshida for the AMAZING photo, black and white pics look awesome I think!

The guys at Whitelines asked me to do a collage type thing and be creative……………(maybe was trying to be a bit too funny too)!!!!!

whitelines contender page2 001

Mike Yosida, miss super park 2013

Also got a pic slipped into the contents page from the Brits this year #tryingtofly????????!!!

whitelines contents page 001

So thank you Whitelines:) x


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