Tamworth Snowdome

5 Nov

On Saturday night we missioned it up to Tamworth Snowdome to go snowboarding! Its hard to get to domes from Devon, especially when we are working so much. So the late night session 10-1am in Tamworth is pretty much the only one we can get to. SUCH a long day, but was well worth it!!! Sooooo nice to finally strap on my board again

Tamworth lift

I was super rusty as havent snowboarded in 6 months! But luckily it was quiet so not too many people there to embarrass myself in front of!

Empty dome!

It was good to test out my new board and bindings…..and my new Contour Camera. Definitely wasn’t doing anything worth filming, but filmed a couple laps all the same, here are some stills (sorry same trick!)


Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 21.06.58

Gas pipe

Really hope I can get up to a dome again soon, need to get some practice in ASAP! Literally itching to get away for the season now:):) x


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