*****Spring Break**********:):)

10 May

On Saturday we left Tignes and did the long drive over to Kaunertal in Austria for the annual British Snowboard Test….now known as “SPRING BREAK”

Everyone was there and it was so good to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in ages

si and soph, 2 of my fav people

I got to ride with the girls a bit which was awesome:)

The girls:)

The first day there was a rail jam on the stair set, here is a pic of the set up:

Rail Jam

Then on Tuesday there was the Dragon Method compeition on the hip……Rich won £40 boom!!! I tried to learn methods!!!

This was followed by best trick on the hip……….I did some tail grabs surprise surprise….finale of a double tail grab!!! I just love them. Not many pics have surfaced yet but here is one of Angus Leith I stole from his FB

angus hip

I really wanted to get some more filming done but the weather was against us again….the only sunny day I was having waaaaay to much fun just riding!!!

But I did join in at the Tie Dye Party on the hill…..was heaps of fun but decided to sack off wearing gloves so had blue hands for 3 days

Tie dye board test

Had lots of fun this year:) We had to leave early to save the pennies, so Im back in the UK now and its pissing it down!!!!!!! Welcome home! Seriously regretting the decision to have a summer in the UK haha! Need to win the lottery!

me and orla


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