Summer so far……..

25 Jun

So this year we decided to have a summer in the UK, first one in about 6 years!! I have some important events going on this summer in the UK so needed to be around;) I love Devon in the summer, especially when its sunny!

Budleigh Beach Exmouth Beach

And Its been so good to hang out with all my friends and family that I have neglected so much over the years

Got myself a sweet summer job in a surf/water sports shop in Exmouth, Liquid Motion…’s Billy loading up his car

Liquid Motion, Exmouth The Shop!

And I have some lovely new O’Neill summer clothes, Rocket Dog shoes and Dragon sunnies….and I can actually wear them all this summer as I am not in the snow…..been wearing heels every chance I get!

O'Neill Summer Collection

Rocket Dog summer shoe collection!

Dragon sunnies

But oh my god, I am missing snowboarding sooooo much! This has been the longest without it since I started really! Haven’t even managed to get up to a dome as its such a mission from Devon

So I have started some summer activities to try to fill the void. First of all SUP!!! ( Stand Up Paddle Boarding). I have this thing (gripping fear) with fish and the water, so work have been trying to ease me into it. And I’m actually quite enjoying it (well i’ve only been once but will go again…..maybe). I have to get into it as I have bought a wetsuit….


And much more my cup of tea (on dry land), is Long Boarding!!! I’m not very good at this yet but Im having a lovely time…..sea breeze in my face, my hair billowing in the wind, the sun on my back…..just need to learn to turn!!! I have met a friend who is a super cool long boarder and she is taking me under her wing and we go up and down the sea front after work

Longboarding with pals Longboarding on dry land:) weeeeeeeeeeeee

And of course still hammering the gym to keep fit and healthy for as soon as I can get back on my board….getting into Zumba!!!!!

But still, I would much rather be in Perisher snowboarding right now, I honestly feel lost without it! Even harder when my good Irish friend Miss Orla Doolin is over there right now, having the time of her life im sure……..cant wait for next summer when I go back! Darragh Walsh and Orla sent me a pic, I made it onto the front cover of a newspaper/magazine in OZ, so i’m there in sprirt!!!

perisher mag front cover

Ill update on more summer activities soon:) x


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