Goodbye Breckenridge!!

16 Apr


Yesterday I arrived back into sunny England….and it is actually sunny!!! And I got to see the dog!!! I was so sad to leave Breckenridge though, especially as the last few weeks have been so fun

Reunited with the dog!!!

My days pretty much consisted of Snowboarding, gym, hot tub…….Snowboarding, gym, hot tub…chocolate…..sometimes woodward

Back 3 tail, Breck

Lipslide Keystone

Woodward:) Woodward

Once the boys had all left, I moved into a room with a couple of my girls friends, as much as I missed the boys it was nice to have some girly company and chat!!

Girls The Boys!!

Even managed to get some sunbathing in at the end, who would have ever thought it in Brecken-fridge!!!

Sunbathing in Breck

After having a close look at all my funds and figuring some stuff out, I was devastated to realise that I could no longer afford to go to Miss Super Park:(:( I had been looking forward to it all season. Really felt like this season I had been given some amazing opportunities but hadn’t been able to take advantage of them due to money:(

BUT I have to think how lucky I am, I have just had 3 amazing months in Breckenridge with some awesome people, getting to snowboard and do what I love pretty much everyday:) So I am just so thankful for that, I just hope that I haven’t let anyone down by not being able to do all the things I was supposed to this season

Looked like they were going to have an EPIC pow day, it was dumping down as I was leaving……

Pow Day!!!

I have been on and off filming all season, putting it all together now into a little edit. Didn’t manage to get all the shots I wanted on film…but who ever does I guess!!! So I will post the edit when its done:)

Back 1, Keystone

I had some lovely summer treats waiting for me when I came home:) Massive thank you to Rocket Dog Shoes and O’Neill for all my new stuff! Still cant believe how lucky I am. The silly dog seems to get in every photo!!!

O'Neill ClothesRocket Dog Shoes

The bonus about coming home early is that I can now do a few days work, then fingers crossed I can go to The British Board Test…..SPRING BREAK!!!!! See you all there:) x

Spring Break


OBS Olympic Intro, Sochi 2014, Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle. Rider: Katie Blundell

8 Apr

So back in December myself and 3 others from the UK were asked to go out to Laax in Switzerland (for one day!) to film some intros for the broadcasting of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Mine was going to be for the Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle. This was my first day snowboarding in 8 months, yikes!! We had to hit quite a big jump pretty much straight away, so it was needless to say I was a little rusty!!! Did plenty of tail grabs…for a change

The intros weren’t shown on the BBC in the end, (which I was kinda gutted about, had told my whole family to look out for me!!) but apparently they were shown on other channels around the world??!!!

I have no idea how on earth I managed to get in on something like this, but a massive thank you to Jim form Butta Wax for involving me. It was an amazing experience:) Here is my into:

OBS Olympic Intro- Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle- SOCHI 2014. Rider: Katie Blundell from katie blundell on Vimeo.

Community Cup Video Qualifier

22 Mar

There is a 5 star TTR girls snowboard event here in Keystone at the start of April. I really really really want to try to get in, but there is only 5 spots left to join the list of invited riders. Its decided on a video contest……so here is my video! Dont think I have a chance really as the other girls are so amazing, but please help me try. You can do this by viewing it lots and rating it if you like it:) Maybe even share it if you have time. Thank you:) Just click on the picture below:

Screen shot 2014-03-22 at 11.16.00

Style Altitude Interview

21 Mar

I did an interview a couple months ago for Style Altitude. I wrote quite a lot, but if you have time to read it, here is the link!! Just click on the image below….

Style Altitude


The Reason Magazine- Throw Back Thursday!

8 Mar

I was asked by The Reason Magazine to do a “Throw Back” to my fav video part… here it is, click on the picture to go to the link:)Screen shot 2014-03-07 at 17.30.46

Photos from Bear Mountain, by James North:)

3 Mar

Here are the official photos from our girls trip to Big Bear Mountain last year with The Reason Magazine. Photos taken by James North, web:, twitter:@jamesnorthphoto








The Reason Magazine – Girls Trip to Bear! PLUS EDIT!!

23 Feb

Last season I made the trip over from Breckenridge to sunny Big Bear mountain in California to ride and shoot with my friends Orla Doolin and Izzy Jones for The Reason Magazine. It was a fun week and awesome to visit a completely different mountain. I had always wanted to see what Bear was all about:) Here is our article, photos and words by James North (Northy!!)

The Reason-cover The Reason-p1 002The Reason-p2 002The Reason-p3 001The Reason-p4 001The Reason-p5 001The Reason-p6 001The Reason-p7 001The Reason-p8 001The Reason-p9 001The Reason-p10 001

Bear Mountain – Cali Girls from James North on Vimeo.


8 Feb


So we arrived in Breckenridge just over 2 weeks ago. Im so happy to be back in the mountains again, feels like i’m home! I have had 9 months off snowboarding……minus a couple of hours in Tamworth and a day in Laax! But I was sooooo rusty (still am!). Its amazing how much you loose when you take time off. But i’m just so grateful to be in the snow again


Been working on my fitness ALOT! I had been keeping fit in the UK, but nothing can prepare you for the altitude up here in Breck . It seems to have affected me quite a bit this time round

the team

Im living with 8 boys this season! Above is a photo of the team (not all of them are in the pic). Its been really nice to catch up with some friends from previous seasons too:)

me and jess


We have had a couple of really good park days, very slowly starting to get my legs back. But there has been more powder days than park days since I got here. I don’t often get the chance to ride powder so its a nice change……excited for sunny park days though!

face shot powder!

Here is my first ever Powder Video!!!! Filmed on my new Contour Camera:)

A Couple of Pow Turns from katie blundell on Vimeo.

Yesterday we went on a hike to get some fresh tracks. Honestly nearly killed me in the altitude, but it was fun once I had got to the top:)

pow hike

And of course I have gone back to my favourite place in the world….WOODWARD!!! Only been once so far, but planning on going as much as I can afford! They have got rid of the snow flex on the ramps this year, and changed it to hard wood and roller boards. These are taking some getting used to

roller boards woodward

Its dumping again today so im taking the day off to rest. Its so silly, but I have really been missing the dog from back home haha! So I managed to Skype her!!!!! Here she is with my dad…..similar hair do’s!!

Skype with the dog!

I have been glued to the Olympics, its so surreal to actually have friends in it! I have never been so nervous watching the guys final……felt so proud to be British, the boys did us proud…………but another blog on the Olympics soon

Billy Morgan and Jamie Nicholls in the Olympics!

Girls semis/final happening next…………

FLYBE Uncovered Magazine

15 Jan

Random one, but made it into the FLYBE in-flight Magazine. If anyone is flying with Flybe this season try to steal one for me???!!!! Thank you to Bruce Lerman for the action photo and Aladdin Gulec (FX Photography) for the head shot:) Off to Breckenridge Colorado on Wednesday, cant wait:)



Snowboarder Mag USA

9 Jan

Really really happy, somehow managed to get a photo in Snowboarder Mag in America. And I never would have known if it wasnt for Ian “Thrashmore”, so massive thanks to you (a million beers coming your way!). The pic was taken at Miss Super Park last year in Keystone, by Mike Yoshida:) I havent got a copy of the actual mag yet but here is a photo that Thrashmore took

Snowboarder Mag Dec 2013

Snowboarder Mag dec.2013

Snowboarder Mag dec.2013

Health & Fitness Magazine Jan/Feb. 2014

7 Jan

This has just come out in the shops,  all about being (trying to be) fit and healthy for snowboarding…….(if they only knew the truth about how many mince pies I have been eating…..). The photo was taken a couple years ago now by good friend and professional photographer Aladdin Gulec at FX Photography. The article once again has been very lovely with my age!!!!!!!

Health and Fitness Feb 2014 FC


Health and Fitness Feb.  2014 P1

The Weston Morning News:)

30 Dec

Weston Morning News 28/12/13

Weston Morning News 28/12/13

Weston Morning News 28/12/13

Weston Morning News 28/12/13

Essential Travel – Safety on the Slopes!

21 Dec

When I went to MK Snowdome for a media day a few weeks ago, I got asked about safety on the mountain and about wearing a helmet!!!

Essential Travel

24 hours in Laax…..

19 Dec

At the start of this week I headed to Laax…..for one day only…….rode from sunrise to sunset…..posh hotel, pimp cars, expensive food, luxury spa…..not the normal way I travel……. we had such a good crew and a sick park:):) Feel so privileged that I got to go………cant say much more for now but here are some pics:

Flight to Laax Mercedes  Sunrise in Laax our transport  The crew Selfies

Daily Star…My Top 10 Ski Resorts

13 Dec

The Daily Star

The Daily Star asked me for my top 10 favourite ski resorts…….so here they are (in no particular order!)…..I like them all, any kind of mountain would do right now……ITCHY FEET

Rocket Dog Slippers!!

8 Dec

I love nothing more in the winter than to get all toastie warm in some slippers, eat chocolate and watch chick flicks. Sometimes go ill snowboarding. So Rocket Dog very kindly sent me an abundance of slippers to accommodate my ‘Rock and Roll” lifestyle!! Here are some pictures….



Snow Flake Slippers

Snowflake Slippers "Northen Winds"

Snowflake Slippers "Starry Alpine"

Snowflake Slippers "Sock Stripe"

EX Magazine

5 Dec

I was very lucky to get 2 double pages in my local EX Magazine ( Express and Echo). Haha feel so privileged to share it with Shelly from the X-Factor (everyone knows i’m a BIG fan of the X-Factor!!!!)……maybe she will want to hang out now????!! Thank you so much to Fran McElhone for the words and Matt Austin for the picture:) Very kind! Here are some pics of the magazine….

Front Cover Inside cover First page Second page

….and The Board Basement in Exeter, best place to get snowboard gear IN THE WORLD!!!! Also Rich works there

The Metro and Ski Club GB

5 Dec

Just thought I would keep up to date with a couple of media pieces I have had in the last couple of weeks. First of all, a piece in the Metro Online…..


The  Metro

And on Ski Club GB…….

Ski Club GB

O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown #ridemore

22 Nov

Yesterday I went up to London for the O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown . It was a pretty exclusive event, with a intimate venue and tickets like gold dust, so I felt very privileged that I got to go along.  And what an amazing set up, O’Neill had put soooo much effort into it…..graffiti, skulls, red double decker bus, post box, brick work, sand pits, FOOD…… felt really ghetto! It was all to do with O’Neill’s campaign this season #ridemore, basically bringing snowboarding more to urban environments showing you can snowboard ANYWHERE and have fun!


Shoreditch area seemed like a mega trendy area, everyone looked very cool. Need to re-think my outfit next time I go there to look cooler I think…..massive snowboard jacket looked a little out of place! But within the walls of the event it was fine, it was like our own snowboard world in there! On the way to the event we walked past this BOX something(???) place, heaps of tiny little cool funky shops all in little boxes! Looked so cute!

Fuzzy pic of the Shorditch Showdown Photo by James North                                             (pic by James North, sorry I stole it!)

It was a guys only contest, but the choice was mine if I wanted to have a few hits anyway. But to be honest I was pretty happy just hanging out for the day and chatting to everyone:)

But it was a productive day for sure. I got to meet some of the O’Neill guys/girls and did some interviews and some photos………and got some freeeeee cake (thank you Shazin!!!!)

me and Holly me and Lynsey

Had to leave pretty early, had to get the last train back down to Devon to be at work bright and early the next morning:) So gutted to miss out on watching the finals….Sparrow Knox 1st, Feesh 2nd and Ollie Dutton 3rd, wooooooo!!! Freeze next weekend, hoping to ride somewhere Friday night to warm up:) x

Freeze Media Day

22 Nov

Last Tuesday I missioned it up to MK snow dome for a media day for Freeze Festival next weekend. Billy Morgan met me at the train station, then we headed over to the dome. It was a day of interviews and photos. We taught (well mainly Billy) a journalist from the Daily Star how to ride, then I took 2 guys from another magazine off and tried to teach them some jibs ( think they were actually better than me though!) I had never done a full-on media day like that so it was good to have that experience, I hope I said all the right things! Here is the first article to come out of it, hopefully there will be more to come:)

Daily Star

and the link to it online……..