8 Feb


So we arrived in Breckenridge just over 2 weeks ago. Im so happy to be back in the mountains again, feels like i’m home! I have had 9 months off snowboarding……minus a couple of hours in Tamworth and a day in Laax! But I was sooooo rusty (still am!). Its amazing how much you loose when you take time off. But i’m just so grateful to be in the snow again


Been working on my fitness ALOT! I had been keeping fit in the UK, but nothing can prepare you for the altitude up here in Breck . It seems to have affected me quite a bit this time round

the team

Im living with 8 boys this season! Above is a photo of the team (not all of them are in the pic). Its been really nice to catch up with some friends from previous seasons too:)

me and jess


We have had a couple of really good park days, very slowly starting to get my legs back. But there has been more powder days than park days since I got here. I don’t often get the chance to ride powder so its a nice change……excited for sunny park days though!

face shot powder!

Here is my first ever Powder Video!!!! Filmed on my new Contour Camera:)

A Couple of Pow Turns from katie blundell on Vimeo.

Yesterday we went on a hike to get some fresh tracks. Honestly nearly killed me in the altitude, but it was fun once I had got to the top:)

pow hike

And of course I have gone back to my favourite place in the world….WOODWARD!!! Only been once so far, but planning on going as much as I can afford! They have got rid of the snow flex on the ramps this year, and changed it to hard wood and roller boards. These are taking some getting used to

roller boards woodward

Its dumping again today so im taking the day off to rest. Its so silly, but I have really been missing the dog from back home haha! So I managed to Skype her!!!!! Here she is with my dad…..similar hair do’s!!

Skype with the dog!

I have been glued to the Olympics, its so surreal to actually have friends in it! I have never been so nervous watching the guys final……felt so proud to be British, the boys did us proud…………but another blog on the Olympics soon

Billy Morgan and Jamie Nicholls in the Olympics!

Girls semis/final happening next…………


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