O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown #ridemore

22 Nov

Yesterday I went up to London for the O’Neill Shoreditch Showdown . It was a pretty exclusive event, with a intimate venue and tickets like gold dust, so I felt very privileged that I got to go along.  And what an amazing set up, O’Neill had put soooo much effort into it…..graffiti, skulls, red double decker bus, post box, brick work, sand pits, FOOD……..it felt really ghetto! It was all to do with O’Neill’s campaign this season #ridemore, basically bringing snowboarding more to urban environments showing you can snowboard ANYWHERE and have fun!


Shoreditch area seemed like a mega trendy area, everyone looked very cool. Need to re-think my outfit next time I go there to look cooler I think…..massive snowboard jacket looked a little out of place! But within the walls of the event it was fine, it was like our own snowboard world in there! On the way to the event we walked past this BOX something(???) place, heaps of tiny little cool funky shops all in little boxes! Looked so cute!

Fuzzy pic of the Shorditch Showdown Photo by James North                                             (pic by James North, sorry I stole it!)

It was a guys only contest, but the choice was mine if I wanted to have a few hits anyway. But to be honest I was pretty happy just hanging out for the day and chatting to everyone:)

But it was a productive day for sure. I got to meet some of the O’Neill guys/girls and did some interviews and some photos………and got some freeeeee cake (thank you Shazin!!!!)

me and Holly me and Lynsey

Had to leave pretty early, had to get the last train back down to Devon to be at work bright and early the next morning:) So gutted to miss out on watching the finals….Sparrow Knox 1st, Feesh 2nd and Ollie Dutton 3rd, wooooooo!!! Freeze next weekend, hoping to ride somewhere Friday night to warm up:) x


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