8 May


Women’s Summer Progression Sessions☀️🏂
8th-15th July 2018 🏝
£799 per person

The ULTIMATE Women’s Summer Freestyle Camp in Tignes, France is back!
Come join fully qualified ISTD and Team GB Coach Corinne Mayhew and ex-pro snowboarder Katie Blundell on the Tignes glacier for a week of freestyle progression in a fun and supportive environment.

We are offering the perfect week’s package to improve your freestyle riding each morning, followed by summer activities around the lake in the afternoon. Summer and winter rolled into one!
This ladies-only freestyle camp is aimed at intermediate to advanced riders who would like to develop their freestyle skills both on piste and in the park in a supportive and testosterone-free environment!

Corinne Mayhew has coached snowboarding to elite level riders and beginners alike, all over the world. She offers psychological, tactical and technical tips for riding both on-piste and in the park, and provides a supportive environment where all questions and debates are open for discussion!

Katie Blundell’s professional snowboard career saw her take podium positions in many Slopestyle and Big Air competitions around the world. After taking a couple of years out to start a family, Katie remains one of the most enthusiastic and encouraging people in snowboarding and we’re sure that this infectious positivity will rub off on all the riders who attend our Summer Progression Sessions!

All riders must be comfortable linking turns on red runs.
The Tignes glacier boasts a wide range of features in its snow park from beginner to expert, and after this year’s amazing snowfall, the shaping crew will have plenty of the white stuff to use in their creative designs!
Several ‘red’ and ‘blue’ level runs provide the perfect warm up terrain and opportunity to develop general technique. The park is divided into a small beginners area which has a quick lap, and a higher level park which offers plenty of options on a longer lap.

This camp is open to female snowboarders and skiers of all ages! There will be a ski-specific coach available for all skiers who attend.

If you’re unsure about the level required for this course, please call or email Corinne to discuss:
+33 (0) 615 187 407

WHATS INCLUDED for £799pp:
7 nights accommodation (bed linen, towels etc)
Breakfast, afternoon tea (CAKE) and a wholesome 3-course evening meal with house red and white wine
5 mornings freestyle coaching/ mentoring
6 day lift pass
Regular yoga sessions
Tignes activity card (giving you access to a HUGE variety of activities, including water-sports on the lake)
Swimming pool pass
Hike with picnic
Lakeside BBQ
Nikita goodie bag

Just Add:
Transfers (we can help with this – roughly £50pp each way)
Lunches/Snacks and one evening meal out
Travel insurance

Summer shredding with expert freestyle tuition and mentoring, Nikita goodie bags, yoga sessions, water-sports, off-snow training, BBQ, picnic, hiking, relaxation, evening fun… it’s all on the agenda! Spend your holiday doing as much or as little as you like.. all in the company of like-minded ladies!

***Please contact us for any further information or to BOOK YOUR SPOT!***

corinne@tignes-spirit.com // 0033615 187407 (Fr)
katie-blundell@hotmail.co.uk // 07907 161696 (Uk)

See you on the mountain!


Electric EG2.5 Snowboard Goggles Review

6 Apr

So the lovely guys at The Boardbasement kindly gave me some Electric EG2.5 Snowboard Goggles in Pincones-w-Jet Black. Here’s what I thought of them…….


We have just returned from our holiday to the Mountains, first time snowboarding as a family of 4. During our trip we had a real mixture of weather and these goggles were good for everything.

As you’ve probably heard, Europe’s had A LOT of snow this season. Unlike previous goggles I’ve had, these didn’t mist up in the snowy conditions and were easy to keep my vision clear. We had some rain too (boooooo) but they came up tops in that also! I actually kept the black lens in the whole time and they were surprisingly good in the flight light and bad visibility. I also like the black lens as you cannot see your eyes through it so keeps the “mystery”!!


The goggles were also great of course in the blazing sun (luckily we got 2 days of it!). My eyes felt really protected and the goggles didn’t feel too hot and sweaty on my face in the heat.


I am quite a girly girl but didn’t want something too “in your face” girly, so these suited me perfectly with the little accents of hot pink and the subtle pink writing. I LOVE the print on the inside of the strap/ frame padding.


I haven’t had goggles with frames for years, but I felt like going back to frames for a “retro” feel (quite like my age now??!). I was worried that my peripheral vision wouldn’t be as good but actually it wasnt affected at all and I didn’t even notice the frame. I was also very happy with the fit of the goggles as they were really comfortable and didn’t feel claustrophobic. They were easy to adjust to size.

Another important point I must make is the goggles are toddler proof! We went away with my two-year old son, and if anything was going to test the durability of the goggles it was him. They definitely passed the toddler test.


Thank you to The Boardbasement, I cant wait to use my goggles again:)

you can buy them here:


How Improve your Snowboarding in the Summer

3 Jun

I have a new job! I am going to be writing articles for Basecamp Group/ Ticket to Ride Group in Exeter. They will be talking about Snowboarding, what I love best! Here is a link to my first piece that’s live on the website now………



Surf= Corrine Mayhew

Skate= Stef Nurding, Photographer Lucien Harris

Wake= Sabrina Burnham

Woodward= Me!


NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!

13 Feb

So I have started a new blog…..an adventurous mum blog!!! I will still update here time to time but my main focus will be the new one:)


Check it out!!!

Screen shot 2016-02-02 at 16.53.01


An Interview!

22 Jan


The lovely Shazin Alisha did an interview with me a couple of years ago now. Obviously a lot has changed in my life since then, but its nice to look back! Although im still as passionate about snowboarding….and cake!! Thank you to The Jones Family Project in Shorditch for having us for the interview and the yummy treats:)

Click on the image to go to the full interview

Snowboarding…….into Motherhood!!!

11 Nov

So i’ve been meaning to write this for 5 months, 1 week and 4 days! But it turns out having a baby takes up A LOT of time!! Gone are the days where I can straighten my hair, make a sandwich or watch a FULL episode of “How I Met Your Mother!!”

I just wanted to share my story of my lifestyle change from travelling and snowboarding…..into Motherhood…..the biggest adventure yet!!!

Rodeo Breck feb 2013IMG_5965

To cut a long story short, I had some medical problems that had bothered me for years and had been told that having a baby would be very difficult. So after a trip to Bali and a few cocktails later, imagine our surprise/ LUCK when I got those 2 lines of the home pregnancy test! Boom, the end of snowboarding and life as I knew it and the start of a new chapter:) I really felt like I was the luckiest person on earth, it was a bloody miracle!!!! I owe it to a chubby little Balainaise man who told me to go and stand under this “healing” waterfall as it had magical powers. Low and behold, a couple days later and I was up the duff!!!!! Must go back and thank him one day…….ill even take the baby!!

Bali WaterfallYoga in the sunet

Pregnancy treated me semi well. Once those first few weeks of morning sickness (actually 20 weeks of all day sickness and living on a diet of Crumpets, Babybels and Wotsists) had subsided, I felt wonderful!! Having been signed off any strenuous exercise to safely cook the baby (only yoga and swimming for me), I was thoroughly enjoying getting fat and happy (pic at 30 weeks!)

30 weeks
But then I go SO FAT, like really really fat. Maternity jeans weren’t even fitting, I kept getting wedged into places, I couldn’t wear shoes and people started to question whether there was actually twins in there (please god no!!!). I was wider than I was tall and my worst fears had come true, my 6ft 2 husband had impregnated me with a heffalump! At 36 weeks even had to hit swimming on the head as I could no longer get out of the pool without flopping out onto the side like a baby hippo!


Turns out I had pre eclampsia (can make you very swollen) so mad rush into hospital 2 weeks early to be induced……..sh*t I wasn’t ready!! I enjoyed being pregnant and all the attention and excitement, but now it was dawning on me I was actually going to have a real life baby and I was definitely not the maternal type!!!!

I wont go into my birth story as its not for the faint hearted, lets just say it wasn’t pretty ( Arlo has a very large head) and ill never be the same again…..I don’t think Rich will either! And its also safe to say we will be getting dogs from now on!

But oh so worth it! After a week in hospital with a few further complications, we were sent on our merry way with this little ginger baby (baby Arlo….thank you Matt/ Holly Burt for the name inspiration). We were definitely feeling like we weren’t responsible enough for this yet and life would never be the same again

New born ArloNew born Arlo IMG_5711FullSizeRender(4)

FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender(3)

I had really been pining for snowboarding throughout my pregnancy, but as soon as we had Arlo with us, that went out the window. I literally didn’t even have time to think about snowboarding, let alone miss it. Your whole world just instantly becomes about babies……. you talk about babies, you read about babies, you dream about babies (if you sleep), you meet up with other mums and babies, everything’s just babies BABIES BABIES BABIES BABIES!!! BABIES COMING OUT OF MY EARS!!! Such a world away from snowboarding and everything I was used to

Bless little Arlo, he’s definitely not been the easiest of babies, but lets face it, I was never going to have a normal baby!! I think he pretty much cried for the first 3/4 months non stop, apart from when he had my boob in his mouth! And sleeping, that was non existent and still is unfortunately. There were points I was seriously considering drinking a bottle of vodka to help Arlo sleep (perks of breast feeding, the baby has what you have!!). He had/has Colic and Reflux and various hospital visits. All this is normal baby stuff but I can tell you, it was definitely a shock to the system!!! I was hallucinating at night through lack of sleep and I was a shadow of my former self!! There were times that I just wanted to drive off into the sunset by all by myself!!!

Crying Arlo

Nearly 6 months on and I am slowly beginning to surface. He still feeds every 2 hours around the clock, but im coping with it. Its amazing how your body adjusts!! Maybe all those all night house parties in Tahoe had been good training!! (thanks for the photo Addison!!)

Tahoe house parties!!

I have learnt a great deal through becoming a mother…….that its ok to get your boobs out in public when you are not drunk!!! You ALWAYS need to put the break on your pram (long story). I know now that a babies pee can cover a good distance and that you should check that you have actually put your baby into the car before you drive away. Breast milk doesn’t taste good in tea and you will end up eating A LOT of cake…….. Also, if you’re having a bath with your baby and you see some bubbles, get out quickly!!!

Bathtime bubbles!!!!

Arlo is turning into a proper little character now, he’s so friendly and outgoing and loves being around people. Also a very VERY active baby, literally doesn’t sit still! You can already tell he has an adventurous spirit and doesn’t like to be tied down. He loves to be outdoors and gets agitated if he has to be in the house all day (which suits me very nicely!!) He honestly has a better social life than me!!!

IMG_6111 IMG_6348




Photo by Ollee Turl Photo by Ollee TurlIMG_7252

(Photos by Ollee Turl)

And he even growls now, like a dog!!

Arlo growling!!

Yes I miss snowboarding, so so much, and my travelling lifestyle. But Having a baby almost makes everything before seem insignificant in comparison. Its hard to explain, but having a baby puts everything into perspective. Things that used to matter to me just don’t really seem important now, or maybe I’m just too tired to think about it!!!  HOWEVER, I am even more driven now to travel and snowboard and have more amazing life experiences (lets face facts, im not cut out to be a house wife!!). This is mainly becuase I want to share all these adventures with him now:) I especially cant wait to see his face when he sees snow for the first time!!

And little does he know that when he’s 18 and wants to go backpacking around the world with his friends……..im going to go with him hahaha!!

IMG_7265Photo by Ollee Turl

So to finish, I knew having a baby was never going to be a walk in the park, but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for just how full on it was going to be. But I always remember that he was a total miracle for us and I will forever be thankful. I love snowboarding so much and the lifestyle it gave me, but honestly theres no better feeling then when your baby smiles at you!! Thanks Arlo!!


Its now my ambition to create a fun and adventurous life for Arlo so that he will be energetic and free spirited and make the most of the world! First snowy trip……Austria at Christmas!!!!

IMG_7026IMG_7389Hecks Decks Skate Board!

And I really hope that I can still snowboard and do a tail grab and that one day he will be proud of me and not embarrassed to snowboard together!!!! And WE WILL all live in the mountains one day, happily ever after!!!!!!!!!

James North

And thank you to all my friends, family and of course to Rich for putting up with me and supporting me through the biggest challenge of my life so far (you’ve been way better at this than me!!!). Think I’m getting to grips with it now????? Maybe……

Ollee Turl

PS. Im so sorry about all the baby photos on Facebook, i just cant seem to help myself!!

PPS. Who knew dressing a baby was way more fun then dressing yourself!!

Surf Girl Magazine

29 Nov

This is an article for this months Surf Girl Magazine:) Thanks to Jess Monk for involving me!

Surf Girl Magazine December 2014

Surf Girl Magazine December 2014

Surf Girl Magazine Dec. 2014

Surf Girl Magazine Dec. 2014

Express and Echo

14 Nov

Not too sure where these keep coming from, but this popped up today in another local paper, so thank you who ever sorted this out for me! It’s The Express and Echo 13th Nov. 2014

2014-11-14 13.39.24

Winter Rocket Dog Shoes

12 Nov
Tillie Burnie in Chesnut

Tillie Burnie in Chestnut

Sugar Daddy Suede in Black

Sugar Daddy Suede in Black

Suri Stable in Black

Suri Stable in Black

Slope Cow Suede in Chestnut

Slope Cow Suede in Chestnut

Everest Westwood in Black

Everest Westwood in Black

Sidney Bromley in Whiskey

Sidney Bromley in Whiskey

Tiffany Burnie/Shearling in Black

Tiffany Burnie/Shearling in Black

Writing for The Board Basement in Exeter

10 Nov

I have been doing some writing for The Board Basement in my local town of Exeter. They do all sorts of discounted but high quality snowboard gear, so be sure to check them out! Im going to be doing more writing for their blog, I quite like writing as you can probably tell from all the blog posts on my blog!! Anyway, click on the image to go to the piece…..

What Type of Snowboarder Are You???

What Type of Snowboarder Are You???


Western Morning News on Sunday Magazine

3 Nov

This popped up in my local paper this weekend, somehow made the front cover!! Kinda embarrassing my big mug all over Tescos!!

photo-11  photo-12  photo-13

Basecamp Blog – An article I wrote on being a girl in snowboarding!

22 Oct
Basecamp Blog

Basecamp Blog

The Basecamp Group asked for my thoughts on being a female in a male dominated sport such as snowboarding. Here’s what I came up with…..click on the image to go to the article:)


27 Sep

At the start of Setember, Rich and I finally jetted off on our Honeymoon


So excited at the airport, look how happy Rich is (he wasn’t very well, man flu)

2014-09-06 12.51.53-2

We wanted to see as much as poss so we were only going to stay 2/3 days in each place. First stop, Balangan Beach. This was a proper surf beach, big waves, in fact they were huge! We didnt fancy our chances with jet lagged and trying to surf. So just soaked up the sun and watched the surfers;)

2014-09-08 09.41.52-1

Next stop Nusa Lembongan, an island just off the south coast of Bali

2014-09-09 09.40.58

So many different beaches and places to see, so we rented a bike and drove around…..I say “we”, what I meant was Rich drove and I sat on the back in a bikini working on my tan. I tried to drive it around a car park but fell off…..Rich said it would be a while until I could hit the roads

2014-09-09 16.39.58

Maybe safer just on a swing..

2014-09-09 16.52.06-1

Rich just loves having his photo taken! Mushroom Bay was beautiful though

2014-09-10 10.46.07

Happy camper, our boat to the Gili Islands

2014-09-11 10.42.09

On the Gili Islands (3 islands just off the coast of Lombok), they don’t allow motorised vehicles, only bikes and horse and cart. Poor horses must be so hot

2014-09-12 10.00.00

Gili Trawangan was the first island we stopped at. This rememinded me of Koh Phangan in Thailand, proper party/backpacker island. So obvs we had cocktails in coconuts in a swimming pool

2014-09-12 15.00.43

Then went on a bike ride around the whole island (I was better on these bikes than motor bikes)

2014-09-12 16.48.48

Stopped off to do some yoga in the sunset, as you do

2014-09-12 17.10.51-1

Then found this mega chilled out bar with hammocks and watched the sunset

2014-09-12 17.57.56

Tried to do that photo that everyone does (beautiful sausage fingers)

2014-09-12 18.00.22

My favourite place to eat the whole time we were away, a crazy street market with the best food, and so cheap too

2014-09-12 20.00.05

Then we headed over to the tranquil Gili Air after all that excitement. It really was stunning here


Trekking around trying to find some accom

2014-09-14 09.46.03

We like to stay in cheap places when we travel, but thought we would splash out for 3 nights and get a posh place with a pool to do our honeymoon bit

2014-09-14 10.35.17

Rich’s birthday, he wanted to go snorkelling. I just liked dressing up in the room and taking pics!

2014-09-15 09.39.39

So peaceful on Gili Air

2014-09-13 17.23.28

Another amazing sunset after a long walk around the island


Next we caught a boat to the main island of Lombok. Had breakfast on the drive up to the mountains/jungle

Lombok Jungle

Trekked through the jungle to this amazing waterfall. I had a swim as the water is supposed to heal you of all troubles…it was bloody cold, but sure it will be worth it!


Had to walk through these pitch black water tunnels to get out, a rat ran over my foot, but it was very exciting!

Tunnel Lombo

Off to Ubud, thought id pretend to be the captain

Off to Ubud

The Monkey Forest in Ubud is honestly the craziest place ever. Those monkeys aren’t shy! One tried to steal my handbag but Rich rescued me. He is trained in Monkey Martial Arts


Cool jungle

Monkey Forest

I had heard so much about this amazing bike ride you can do in Ubud through the little villages and rice paddies, signed up and had a quick tea stop on the way up. Even drank coffee made from cat poo, was actually very tasty!

Teas and Coffees

And stopped for breakfast with an amazing view of a volcano

Breakfast with a view

Mid bike ride we stopped off at a temple. They gave us these lovely skirts to wear. Rich was so happy with his. Finally, his and hers clothes!


More holy/healing water, but there was lots of people so didn’t really want to jump in there and splashing around

Holy Water

They had made lots of offerings for the Gods out of cakes and pretty things. It made me really hungry for cake

Cake offerings

Back to the bike ride. Was so beautiful just cursing through paddie fields

Bike ride

Just so pretty, I felt at one with the world!!!!

Rice Paddies

At the end of the 22k bike ride. Yes it was 90% downhill, but that 10% uphill was killer

After the bike ride!

So we definitely had to have a foot massage and reflexology to chill out


Next place was Kuta. We had heard such bad things about Kuta, but heard the waves we perfect for learning on. And they didn’t disappoint. I dont know much about waves, but they felt like they were good ones. It was my first time on a hard board too, not a big foam beginner thing (like Rich hahaha!!). It was way more difficult but I loved it


Then more yoag in the sunset

Yoga in the sunet

And more sunset pics. The beach at Kuta was way busier at sunset than during the day!

Another sunset

We actually stayed in Jimberan and day tripped over to Kuta, way more mellow and chilled….haha we are losers now

Corn on the beach, always a winner

Corn Corn

And just your regular local band serenading you as your eating dinner

Some random band

Some Balinese dancers, dancing

Bali Dancers

Sneaked in to a lush pool for our last day. This is a picture of Rich floating

Poached a pool!

See you later Bali!!!! We had such an amazing time, so many adventures and stories to tell. Couldn’t include them all on my blog as we would be here all night. Not so stoked to go back to the UK, but it means that winter is on its way and snowboarding is just around the corner. So its happy times ahead:)


Rocket Dog Jazzin Shoes

10 Aug

Jazzin Seeing Spots, Natural
2014-07-19 19.28.09 2014-07-19 18.53.07 2014-07-19 19.28.48

Jazzin (shearling) Clash, Black

2014-07-19 10.54.20 2014-07-27 14.01.03 2014-07-27 14.05.53

Jazzin Shoe 8a Canvas, White

2014-07-26 15.36.59 2014-07-26 15.40.36 2014-07-26 15.19.32 2014-07-26 15.24.58

Jazzin (shearling) Sweet Tart, Black

2014-07-26 10.43.30 2014-07-26 10.44.49 2014-07-26 11.00.05

Jazzin Ditz, Black

2014-07-19 11.01.24 2014-07-19 11.03.14 2014-07-26 10.27.34

Jazzin Yucatan, Green

2014-07-18 20.20.46 2014-07-26 10.22.59 2014-07-26 10.16.11

Summer Update!

12 Jul

So its been a while since I updated the old blog, so here is a little summer update with lots of photos!

Im back home in Devon now, need to get my £££$$$$$ sorted out before I can think about the next move:) I’ve been having a lovely time back home, Devon is really not a bad place to be in the summer time


I live 10 mins away from the Beach so have been hanging out there A LOT

Exmouth Beach Handstand Exmouth Beach

Been doing lots of walks….with the dog of course

Walks with the dog Dartmoor

Been going to weddings and hen dos, one of my best friends got married in Cornwall a couple weeks ago, it was so nice down there, it felt like we were abroad


Cornwall BBQ Wedding Weddings

I had a surf trip down the Falmouth/Watergate Bay to face my fears of the water and fish! Please to report that there were no fish attacks and I didn’t see any sharks. I actually LOVED surfing so much and want to do more of it, keep dreaming about it!!!! Its nice to have something to replace snowboarding for the summer

Surfing Watergate Bay Beach time Falmouth

I’ve gone back to gymnastics!!!!! Adult Gym every Tuesday night, its the best day of the week. So weird to be back to my old gym club. Thanks to my friend Melissa for coming with me! Really loving it, although I’m sure I’m not as nimble as I used to be back in the olden days!!!! Keeping up the gymnastics over the summer is hopefully going to help me with my snowboarding in the winter


Got myself 2 jobs so I’m in saving mode for the winter, really want to have a good one next season:) Working in Textiles (actually using my degree…..) doing embroidery onto Clothing and Accessories, its nice to be able to make things all day and be creative! And then I’m working in Fat Face too which is awesome, surrounded by lush clothes and nice people!

Textiles Embroidery Job

Been trying to be proactive with taking pics of all the lovely summer stuff Rocket Dog shoes and O’Neill sent me……

Rocketdog O'Neill Clothes Rocket Dog Budleigh Beach

We finally booked our honeymoon ( a year late haha), so we are off to Bali in September for some backpacking, cant wait!

Me and Rich

But all this summer chat, and I’m still dreaming about the winter. I am GAGGING to go snowboarding, hoping its not too long before I can get my fix…….

A screen shot from filming in Laax for an Olympic trailer

The Reason Magazine “Caught Up” Interview

26 May

A few nights ago I did a little interview with Tom Smith (Smithy) from The Reason Magazine. A catch-up from the season in Breckenridge and my edit. Click on the image below to see the full interview:

The Reason Magazine

Rocket Dog Spring/Summer Collection

30 Apr

When I arrived home from the mountains, I had a collection of spring/summer shoes waiting for me from Rocket Dog, it made coming back down to reality not nearly as bad!!! I have been busy taking some pictures of my new shoes, and here they are. Still cant believe how lucky I am….and spoilt!!

Amaya Shoe: Sidewalk Chalk Blue                                                     Amaya Shoe: Sidewalk Chalk BlueJazzin Shoe" Opa Blue                                                       Jazzin Shoe: Opa Blue

Tahira Boot: Stampede/Drum Circle Brown                                                       Tahira Boot: Stampede/Drum Circle BrownAndrea Shoe: Happy Flower Blue                                                      Andrea Shoe: Happy Flower Blue

Willow Shoe: Sand Bag Linen Natural                                                       Willow Shoe: Sand Bag Linen NaturalWillow Shoe: Washed Canvas Black                                                       Willow Shoe: Washed Canvas Black

Cooler Magazine “Brit Weird” Video Contest

29 Apr

The last week….well pretty much last day of the season, Kate Wood (awesome UK snowboarder…watch out for her), Jade McJannett (from OZ but has a British passport so figured she counts as British) and myself filmed our entry for the “Brit Weird” Video contest for Cooler Magazine. We had out expert Filmer/Editor/Motivator MUDESY on hand (thanks Mudsey!!)

We wanted to have fun so made it into a game….like a game of  “Skate” but with the word “weird” instead……thought we were being clever as the title is called “Brit Weird”…get it????

The theme was an old school video game, with 2 levels….Level 1 Breckenridge Terrain Park, Level 2 Woodward

Out of 21 entries we have made it to the final 5!!! But now its down to the public vote. Click on the pic below to take you to the page and our entry and details on how to vote…if you like it of course!

Was privileged to get to ride with these 2 ladies this season, hope you enjoy our entry:)

"Game Of Weird"


Edit from Breckenridge/ Keystone 2014

25 Apr

I managed to get some filming in this season over in Colorado. I wish I had got more on film ……..but here is what I have managed to put together. Hope you like it;)

Katie Blundell- Colorado Cruising from katie blundell on Vimeo.

Goodbye Breckenridge!!

16 Apr


Yesterday I arrived back into sunny England….and it is actually sunny!!! And I got to see the dog!!! I was so sad to leave Breckenridge though, especially as the last few weeks have been so fun

Reunited with the dog!!!

My days pretty much consisted of Snowboarding, gym, hot tub…….Snowboarding, gym, hot tub…chocolate…..sometimes woodward

Back 3 tail, Breck

Lipslide Keystone

Woodward:) Woodward

Once the boys had all left, I moved into a room with a couple of my girls friends, as much as I missed the boys it was nice to have some girly company and chat!!

Girls The Boys!!

Even managed to get some sunbathing in at the end, who would have ever thought it in Brecken-fridge!!!

Sunbathing in Breck

After having a close look at all my funds and figuring some stuff out, I was devastated to realise that I could no longer afford to go to Miss Super Park:(:( I had been looking forward to it all season. Really felt like this season I had been given some amazing opportunities but hadn’t been able to take advantage of them due to money:(

BUT I have to think how lucky I am, I have just had 3 amazing months in Breckenridge with some awesome people, getting to snowboard and do what I love pretty much everyday:) So I am just so thankful for that, I just hope that I haven’t let anyone down by not being able to do all the things I was supposed to this season

Looked like they were going to have an EPIC pow day, it was dumping down as I was leaving……

Pow Day!!!

I have been on and off filming all season, putting it all together now into a little edit. Didn’t manage to get all the shots I wanted on film…but who ever does I guess!!! So I will post the edit when its done:)

Back 1, Keystone

I had some lovely summer treats waiting for me when I came home:) Massive thank you to Rocket Dog Shoes and O’Neill for all my new stuff! Still cant believe how lucky I am. The silly dog seems to get in every photo!!!

O'Neill ClothesRocket Dog Shoes

The bonus about coming home early is that I can now do a few days work, then fingers crossed I can go to The British Board Test…..SPRING BREAK!!!!! See you all there:) x

Spring Break