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Electric EG2.5 Snowboard Goggles Review

6 Apr

So the lovely guys at The Boardbasement kindly gave me some Electric EG2.5 Snowboard Goggles in Pincones-w-Jet Black. Here’s what I thought of them…….


We have just returned from our holiday to the Mountains, first time snowboarding as a family of 4. During our trip we had a real mixture of weather and these goggles were good for everything.

As you’ve probably heard, Europe’s had A LOT of snow this season. Unlike previous goggles I’ve had, these didn’t mist up in the snowy conditions and were easy to keep my vision clear. We had some rain too (boooooo) but they came up tops in that also! I actually kept the black lens in the whole time and they were surprisingly good in the flight light and bad visibility. I also like the black lens as you cannot see your eyes through it so keeps the “mystery”!!


The goggles were also great of course in the blazing sun (luckily we got 2 days of it!). My eyes felt really protected and the goggles didn’t feel too hot and sweaty on my face in the heat.


I am quite a girly girl but didn’t want something too “in your face” girly, so these suited me perfectly with the little accents of hot pink and the subtle pink writing. I LOVE the print on the inside of the strap/ frame padding.


I haven’t had goggles with frames for years, but I felt like going back to frames for a “retro” feel (quite like my age now??!). I was worried that my peripheral vision wouldn’t be as good but actually it wasnt affected at all and I didn’t even notice the frame. I was also very happy with the fit of the goggles as they were really comfortable and didn’t feel claustrophobic. They were easy to adjust to size.

Another important point I must make is the goggles are toddler proof! We went away with my two-year old son, and if anything was going to test the durability of the goggles it was him. They definitely passed the toddler test.


Thank you to The Boardbasement, I cant wait to use my goggles again:)

you can buy them here: