Summer Update!

12 Jul

So its been a while since I updated the old blog, so here is a little summer update with lots of photos!

Im back home in Devon now, need to get my £££$$$$$ sorted out before I can think about the next move:) I’ve been having a lovely time back home, Devon is really not a bad place to be in the summer time


I live 10 mins away from the Beach so have been hanging out there A LOT

Exmouth Beach Handstand Exmouth Beach

Been doing lots of walks….with the dog of course

Walks with the dog Dartmoor

Been going to weddings and hen dos, one of my best friends got married in Cornwall a couple weeks ago, it was so nice down there, it felt like we were abroad


Cornwall BBQ Wedding Weddings

I had a surf trip down the Falmouth/Watergate Bay to face my fears of the water and fish! Please to report that there were no fish attacks and I didn’t see any sharks. I actually LOVED surfing so much and want to do more of it, keep dreaming about it!!!! Its nice to have something to replace snowboarding for the summer

Surfing Watergate Bay Beach time Falmouth

I’ve gone back to gymnastics!!!!! Adult Gym every Tuesday night, its the best day of the week. So weird to be back to my old gym club. Thanks to my friend Melissa for coming with me! Really loving it, although I’m sure I’m not as nimble as I used to be back in the olden days!!!! Keeping up the gymnastics over the summer is hopefully going to help me with my snowboarding in the winter


Got myself 2 jobs so I’m in saving mode for the winter, really want to have a good one next season:) Working in Textiles (actually using my degree…..) doing embroidery onto Clothing and Accessories, its nice to be able to make things all day and be creative! And then I’m working in Fat Face too which is awesome, surrounded by lush clothes and nice people!

Textiles Embroidery Job

Been trying to be proactive with taking pics of all the lovely summer stuff Rocket Dog shoes and O’Neill sent me……

Rocketdog O'Neill Clothes Rocket Dog Budleigh Beach

We finally booked our honeymoon ( a year late haha), so we are off to Bali in September for some backpacking, cant wait!

Me and Rich

But all this summer chat, and I’m still dreaming about the winter. I am GAGGING to go snowboarding, hoping its not too long before I can get my fix…….

A screen shot from filming in Laax for an Olympic trailer


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