Goodbye Breckenridge!!

16 Apr


Yesterday I arrived back into sunny England….and it is actually sunny!!! And I got to see the dog!!! I was so sad to leave Breckenridge though, especially as the last few weeks have been so fun

Reunited with the dog!!!

My days pretty much consisted of Snowboarding, gym, hot tub…….Snowboarding, gym, hot tub…chocolate…..sometimes woodward

Back 3 tail, Breck

Lipslide Keystone

Woodward:) Woodward

Once the boys had all left, I moved into a room with a couple of my girls friends, as much as I missed the boys it was nice to have some girly company and chat!!

Girls The Boys!!

Even managed to get some sunbathing in at the end, who would have ever thought it in Brecken-fridge!!!

Sunbathing in Breck

After having a close look at all my funds and figuring some stuff out, I was devastated to realise that I could no longer afford to go to Miss Super Park:(:( I had been looking forward to it all season. Really felt like this season I had been given some amazing opportunities but hadn’t been able to take advantage of them due to money:(

BUT I have to think how lucky I am, I have just had 3 amazing months in Breckenridge with some awesome people, getting to snowboard and do what I love pretty much everyday:) So I am just so thankful for that, I just hope that I haven’t let anyone down by not being able to do all the things I was supposed to this season

Looked like they were going to have an EPIC pow day, it was dumping down as I was leaving……

Pow Day!!!

I have been on and off filming all season, putting it all together now into a little edit. Didn’t manage to get all the shots I wanted on film…but who ever does I guess!!! So I will post the edit when its done:)

Back 1, Keystone

I had some lovely summer treats waiting for me when I came home:) Massive thank you to Rocket Dog Shoes and O’Neill for all my new stuff! Still cant believe how lucky I am. The silly dog seems to get in every photo!!!

O'Neill ClothesRocket Dog Shoes

The bonus about coming home early is that I can now do a few days work, then fingers crossed I can go to The British Board Test…..SPRING BREAK!!!!! See you all there:) x

Spring Break


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