8 Jan



So I left Breckenridge just before christmas, couple days at home with the family and then out to Tignes. I did my first ever season in Tignes so every time I come back here it feels like coming home!


For the whole first week we had so much powder. Never seen so much snow in Tignes, it was ridiculous! So made the most of the powder riding which I never really get to do anymore!

Getting some pow lines!

Then it was christmas so enjoyed chilling out and eating way too much food. New years was a blast too. Im still on my no drinking/being healthy/exercising kick, so didn’t get drunk on new years eve. Actually saw 12 O’clock which was a first! Our apartment couldn’t have been any closer to to MASSIVE party….so felt like I was a part of the celebrations anyway, even though I was tucked up in bed like a loser;)

xmas time!!! View from our apartment new years eve

I’m working for Tignes Spirit whilst I’m here to get some extra cash for the season. Been pretty hectic so far with a few 14 hour shifts over the christmas period!! But its a good crack and I’m grateful for the $$$££££. Rich is the manager this season, so my boss!!! hmmmm

Val Park

The parks are starting to get going here now. They have big plans for the parks this season so fingers crossed it works out. So far just been enjoying some mellow parks laps, filmed a couple runs the other day and hopefully we can get some more done soon:)


Just trying to sort out what I’m actually doing this season. Im the most indecisive person ever, and this season I seem to have to make lots of decisions all the time!!! So need to sort myself out and come up with a concrete plan and stick to it! But should be filled with some comps, trip back to America and some filming….


Ill keep you updated:)


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