Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam, LAAX

15 Jan

Spare of the moment I decided to head over to Laax for the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam. My friend Charli was heading over anyway and its always nicer when you have someone to travel with:)
Me and Charli:)

Me and Channi:)

The last street style rail I had hit was in Keystone back in December, Tignes/Val didn’t have any street style features set up when I was there 😦 So was really worried I was going to be pretty rusty

I got there and it was a stairset feature for the rail jam, so straight back in at the deep end haha!


It was a actually such a nice set up and just decided I wanted to have fun and take it mellow. Luckily some tricks came back to me and I did actually have a lot of fun!

Top of stairset

Honestly, that standard of rail riding for girls has gone through the roof, it was ridiculously high. Some of my FAVs that I watch edits of were also there;) So that was nice

back1, switch 50 bit of a zeached Backboard:/

So happy I managed to get 5th place which also means that I qualify for the PBRJ European Championships in Avoriaz in March, yeeeey!


Thank you to Lauren and James for letting us crash in their pimp pad:)

Then it was off to Davos for the O’Neill Evolution……..

Train to Davos


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