Breckenridge so far……

1 Dec

Im sorry I havent posted for a while. I have been in Breckenridge for a couple of weeks now and to be honest I have just been keeping my head down and concentrating on riding! But I have been taking a few pictures to show what I have been up too:)

Im living with my 2 Australian friends Courtney Phillipson and Jess Rich. A proper girly pad…..although we do have a boy staying with us now too! This has been fun as finally I’m actually living with peop that enjoy trashy girly TV like me!!!! First things first, we put up the decorations (15th Nov….too early??!!!)

Christmas decorations

We also have a family of foxes living near us!!! They seem nice!

me and our pet fox!!!

Everyone in Breck is super healthy. Inspired, I have been on a health kick too. Been riding, then going to the Rec. Centre…..gym, doing Pilates, Yoga, swimming and eating mega healthy (even cut out sweet foods…..well drastically cut down!) . I have never really done this before, figured snowboarding was enough exercise in itself to keep fit. But now I’m learning that looking after my body and really working on core strength is going to be so much more beneficial for my snowboarding 🙂 Boom!

Health kick!

We have been riding Breckenridge and Keystone. Breck only has 2 jumps and couple of little rails at the bottom to hike. Most people have been hiking the jumps as its been getting so busy and its quicker to hike. Here is a pic of Courtney at the top of the Breck jumps…

Courtney Phillipson, Breck Jumps

But we have actually been going to Keystone more as they have a lot more rails and a way quicker lap. Im loving the rails there, so much fun!! They also opened a triple jump line a couple days ago but they have been soooooo busy, so we have actually just been jibbing more. Then going to Breck if we want to jump!

Keystone jibs no ques for keystone rails!!!
Triple line, Keystone

I have been riding and hanging out with some pretty cool girls. I am definitely the shit one in the group, but I feel so honoured and lucky that I even get to hang out with them and ride with them! Its so inspiring and just being around them motivates me to try and get better 🙂 Speech over!!!! So thanks ladies!!! Here is a pic of some of them below….

Girly crew, Jess Rich, Courtney Phillipson, Possum Torr, Katie Blundell

One of my favourite parts of being here is out trips to Woodward. Its so much fun with all the trampolines and everyone keeps saying how beneficial it is for your snowboarding. So I sucked it up and bought myself a season pass, so that means I have to get at least 9 times whilst I am here to make it worth while! Here’s a pic of woodward….


So its fair to say that I’m loving Breck a lot and I wouldn’t mind staying forever!!! Stoked that I get to ride this early as I have never started my season so early before. Hopefully I will get some filming done at some point, but for now I feel its more important to learn better snowboarding:)

View from our window in Breck


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