Perisher Slopestyle……round 2!

22 Aug

On Saturday night was the 2nd round of the Perisher Playstation Night Series Slopestyle. The week leading up to it was the snowy-ist week so far this season. It cleared for the day time on Saturday so I sacked off riding powder and tried to get some park laps in. But by the evening, the snow and wind had come back with avengence!! Here is a pic of the lovely conditions……

The weather held off a little for our practice runs and I managed to get the run I wanted down, so that was good. But then the weather got so bad for the actual runs and speed went all funny. So just to get through the course in one piece was the main aim!!! Here is a pic from Andy Lloyd on the Perisher website of a front 1 over the first feature (hahaha it looks like I’m trying to go to the toilet!!!, so sorry about my dreadful style!!!!)

In the end they combined the Open Girls with the Junior Girls as there wasn’t that many girls in the comp. I came 2nd : ) Very lucky indeed: )

I know I always say this, but my favourite part of the comps are hanging out with the other girls! I enjoyed my evening trying to keep warm in the cafe with Biba and Jess!

And randomly bumped into my friend Lewis on uk O’Neill. He was over in Perisher for the comp, on his way to NZ (jealous!!). So was nice to hang out and take some laps with him! Here is a pic of me and Lewis

So hopefully the weather is better for the 3rd and last round of the series! But for now, I’m starting to worry about the comp next week……I made it into The Mile High Slopestyle 4 star TTR in Thredbo, to say I’m nervous would be an understatement!!!



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