Update from Peri……

8 Aug

So not a lot has been happening in the last couple of weeks. The weather has been so on and off that I’ve found it hard to get consistent park riding in. My work days always seem to fall on sunny days! But we have managed to get some OZ POW riding in!!! Here is a pic (was meant to slash and spray the powder but just ended up being a turn, but you can get the idea)

Dragon sent me some new lenses so I can now see in the bad weather, so thank you Dragon : )

On Saturday I went along to the ANALOG DUF RAIL JAM. There was a design competition to  come up with an “unlikely” park feature. The winner got their feature made, and there was a rail jam to christen it!! Guys and girls were all in one category for the jam. I did not perform very well at all, didn’t really like the feature. But my friend Nic Harvey won, woooooooooooohoo!

In media things, noticed the other day (must have walked past it over 100 times before) that my friend Michelle and I are on a poster on the Perisher bridge with Torah Bright from the first year I was here. So that was nice to see

There was a little mention of me in the local newspaper too, it was after the Thredbo comp, I will not repeat what I said as it is the gay-ist thing ever, not very good at answering questions on the spot like that!!

So thats pretty much it for now. Hoping the weather clears soon and we can film again so I can finish my little edit.  Until then, its actually quite nice to try and learn some new tricks in the bad weather….I like it when its foggy and no one can see what I’m doing when I look like a kook trying to learn something!!!!



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