Perisher Slopestyle….round 1

23 Jul

On Saturday night was the first round of the Perisher Slopestyle event. There is 3 rounds altogether, and you collect points from each round to get an overall position. There is something about competing at night that makes it even more terrifying!!! Here is a pic of the course I stole from FB, sorry its a little blurry

The course was a down bar/gap box into a jump, then a gap to Skullcandy tube, then into 2 more jumps. The course had been slow during the day and I was struggling, was really hoping it would get faster at night…..but it somehow got slower!!!

Think everyone was struggling for speed, even some of the guys, so that made me feel a little better. On my first run I tried to go as fast as I could but knuckled the last jump hard. Kneed myself In my face….bust my nose… lots of blood!!! (excuse the crazy look in my eyes in the pic, must have been the knock to the head, ha!)

Feeling a little shaken, but still wanted to take my second run. Im afraid it went no better…..fell over on the silliest thing, gutted!!! Was pretty embarrassed by my performance and was keen to head to the bar for Tequila…..ended up just going home and was sound asleep in bed by 9.30 PARTY ANIMAL!!!!

I managed 5th overall, and actually had a really nice eve hanging out with all the other girls, so thank you for a lovely evening! Well done to everyone: )……..(Amber Arazny first place, woooohoooooooo!!!) Here is a pic of me and Jess after the last run….


One Response to “Perisher Slopestyle….round 1”

  1. Adriana B 18/07/2022 at 8:46 AM #

    This is awessome

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