Thredbo Freeride Series…Slopestyle!

18 Jul

Yesterday I headed over to Thredbo for a slopestyle competition with my friend Amber! It was a bit grey and drizzly but I was excited anyway….well more nervous to be honest, in fact very nervous!! But the course looked fun……a lush down bar/tube, into 2 jumps

The lap is quite long for the Thredbo  park so we ended up hiking the slopesyle course…..def need to get to a gym!

The wet weather made the speed a little difficult to judge, one min it was super fast, the next mega slushy and sloooow

Only managed to get a couple of practice runs in as I was a slow hiker!!! Took a couple of bails in the practice so decided to go for a safety run first. Managed to land this : ) Wanted to do something better the 2nd run but totally messed it up

Here is Amber!!! She said that she has a lucky car, and who ever she takes in it to a competition does well!! so think it was because of this I did ok! (thank you Amber!!). Will do some laps around the car park in her car before any comp from now on!!!

Relived its over, had a really lovely day, was fun hanging out with the girls: ) Bit gutted that Im still shorter than everyone, even tho they gave me a higher barrel to stand on, haha!!!

Time to get nervous for the next one now……


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