Mile High 4 star TTR

30 Aug

I headed over to Thredbo on Monday to compete in the 4 star TTR Mile High Slopestyle comp. Stoked that such a good event was only just down the road! Got a couple days off work and off I went! My friend Courtney Phillipson came over to Perisher on the Sunday for “training” (well more catching up on gossip than anything!!) Here is a pic of us

The weather in OZ had been pretty bad for a while, but Monday for the first day of the comp was perfect bluebird : ) The course was really long, down bar, bonk jump, HUGE pole jam, step down jump, big jump, bigger jump (70ft)!!! I hadn’t really hit any jumps this size since Breck in February, so was happy to even get over them! It was a really nice course, well built and lots of speed. Here is a pic of the original park plan, it was a little diff in the end but you can get the idea

It was a jam format, but there was lots of people so we only ended up getting 2 runs anyway. But it was ALOT less pressure than your normal comp. You could choose wether you had your run judged or not, and then they would take the best judged run. Figured I would just get all of mine judged as I’m so inconsistent you never know what would happen!! The course was that long they had to split it into 2. So an 1 jam on the first half, then 1 hour jam on the second half.  Meant you didn’t have to link a whole run together which was good news for me!!! Here’s a view from the top of the course (and Courtney in her lush camo jacket!!!)

I have taken some pics of the Mile High website to show the course, all pics are by Alex Roberts

                                                                            Tor Lundstorm

                                                                           Cam Stavely

                                                                            Jess Rich

                                                                                          Silvia Mittermuller

I ended up having a really bad fall on the second to last jump. The lip of the jump had got so slushy, I was one of the last people to drop and just got totally caught up in the slush as I was trying to spin. Somehow managed to over shoot it too and landed on my head, then took out a fence, then took out a spectator. I snapped my board and gave my self a bit of a headache, but happy to be alive!!! Was just more embarrassed than anything, didnt want all this cool pros to think I was a stupid girl!!!! 

Then here are the results after the first day, somehow I made 3rd place! For the girls 1st Silvia Mittermuller, 2nd Biba Turnbull, 3rd Me!, Best Trick: Courtney Phillipson…..and Jess Rich did the biggest steeziest backside 7 I have ever seen!

So I had a massive problem, I had no board to ride for day 2 of the event, yikes! Was running around trying to find one, then my friend Cyndi came to the rescue with her little jib board!! So grateful to her!! But I’m so funny with different stuff, takes me ages to get used to something new and feel comfortable on it. Didn’t have the right screws either so my bindings were wobbling around all over the place, complete bodge job!!! But wanted to just suck it up and go for it anyway as I WAS NOT missing the comp!!!! But luck was on my side and the rest of the comp got called off anyway dues to bad weather. So the scores from the first day would count!!!! Feel extremely lucky to come away with 3rd. Def feel like I don’t deserve it and I was just lucky somehow!!

So off I went to Jindabyne last night to collect my novetly cheques!! Was more nervous going up onto the podium in front of everyone than I was in the comp!!! Here are some pics

  Now to find a new board so I can ride for the rest of the season : )



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