10 Mar

We arrived in Tahoe after our road trip….and its lush!!! Its so hot and sunny, proper spring riding. We are living in Kings Beach this year, 10 mins away from Northstar on the bus which is perfect!

We wanted to do some street when we got here, but there is not much snow and we haven’t got a car. But to be honest im quite happy just riding Northstar everyday and actually trying to learn some new stuff. Its pretty mellow this year so perfect for progression. And we have such a fun crew to ride with, heaps of the UK crew, Grindhouse, and also the whole of Perisher (OZ) and the BHK are here!!!

Went on a tour around the mountain and found lots of rails that they don’t have enough snow to put in this year : (

Also found Shaun White’s private park….3 massive booters and a 22ft pipe!!! Public aren’t allowed in!!

Its been so warm after riding that we have been going down to the lake to chill. Its beautiful down there!!

Really having a lovely time, will get onto some filming soon, just enjoying the riding and the sun at the mo : )


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