Some pics from the rest of the road trip!!

6 Mar

Our friends told us about a concrete ledge that you could hit around the back of Park City Ice Rink. Apparently it was really easy to get kicked off……but we managed to have a 4 hour session without anyone bothering us at all, so we were really lucky!

                                  Ice Rink ledge, Park City

After the ledge we were pretty tired, but tried to hit up another spot just down the road…a mellow rainbow bridge. But the winds had got so strong and the speed was messed up so it was a no go….gutted as it looked so nice!

                                  Rainbow Bridge, Park City

We had been waiting for the snow in Salt Lake city….and it finally arrived!! So we went down to the Rail Gardens, somewhere I had always wanted to go!! I was so stoked it worked out with the snow : )

                                 Rail Gardens, Salt Lake City

Really fun session, didn’t even need a bungee!! Our OZ/ Candian friends Brian and TC joined us too

                                 TC and Brian from OZ and Canada!

                                Rich keeping warm in his mountain boots….mmmm

Then we decided to go to Brighton for the day as we had been seeing all the sick edits from there this season. Think we timed it wrong though as it had just snowed so not everything was groomed. Also there was a comp on so some of the park was closed. But it was heaps of fun anyway and I’m glad I got to ride there : )


                                 Super long S rail at Brighton

Then it was time to hit the road again. Really sad to leave, all of our friends in Park City looked after us so much. We stopped at the Salt Lakes on our way down to Tahoe…..

                         Sophie patting my head

                                  Rich in a shoe!!

So now we are in Tahoe and its such a change from everywhere else we have been riding. Its SOOOO hot and slushy, like summer! They haven’t had much snow down here but we rode Northstar today and it was still super fun. Might actually start working on my tan!! There is lots of our friends down here so I’m sure the next 5 weeks will be rad!

Rich is working on the edits from our road trip so hopefully they will be up soon : )


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