Burton Pro Test, Keystone

13 Feb

This weekend I decided to enter myself into the Burton Pro Test 4 star TTR Slopestyle/ Rail Jam at Keystone. Luckily there was quite a few of us going along (Angus Leith, Scotty Penman, Cody Heirons, Simon Cudlip, Dec Powers Emilia Vanni….and of course the one and only WILL RADULA-SCOTT!!!). But unluckily, we had to get the bus at 7am in the morning!!!


We got there bright and early and registered. For the girls it was only myself and Emila Vanni, as Sophie, Faye and Helen were down with injuries : (

We had got a practice the day before, it took me a while to get used to the jumps, they were very different to the ones in Breckenridge. The course was 3 jumps, a bonk, choice of couple of rails and a quarter pipe….. although I didn’t realize the quarter pipe was included until AFTER my runs, idiot!!

There were 17 ladies, all amazing!!! Only 6 got through to the final. Neither me or Emilia made it. But on the plus side I was kinda happy with one of my runs, actually landed some tricks (its not often this happens for me in a comp!!!) and felt I did well for me. Even managed to control my nerves a little better : ) And no, I did not use vodka to do this! So just chilled out with everyone to watch the finals. Angus Leith was the only Brit to make it through, was mega stoked for him! He did some cool moves!

Faye and Simon

Helen Foxs poorly wing : (

…and the Posh and Becs of snowboarding, Will Rad and Sophie Addison!


Another early start for the rail jam. Pretty fun course with the option of 2 different lines, 3 features on each. I really liked the course! 45 min warm us then straight in for the 20 ladies. 45 mins to get in as many runs as poss, best run counting. Managed to get 4 runs in, hiked the course once and realized that getting the chair lift was a better option as hiking in altitude is hard work!!! I was happy with my runs I think, but didn’t make the final 6, the standard again was very high!

Watched the boys for a bit (stoked for Simon Cudlip for qualifying!!!), then took some fun laps with my new friend Sabrina Burnham……a Brit chick who has super steezy style on rails and is def one to look out for! I had a really fun day : ) Then we did some comfort eating and got the bus back to Breck……hot tub time!!

Again I feel inspired by the girls in the competition and motivated to learn some stuff! Rich gets here with the camera on wednesday so going to get on some filming soon : ) Thank you to Faye for filming, I will try and get some footage up soon


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