4 Feb

So on the 1st of February I set off to Breckenridge with Sophie, Helen, Emilia and Will (lucky Will having to organize  4 girls!!!)

We enjoyed the free drink on the plane which definitely made the journey go quicker and the views out of the window more spectacular!!! (coming into Denver below)

We were all let into the country!!!! Then we had some fun at the airport whilst waiting for out bus….

We arrived in Breck, pretty jetlagged but mega MEGA excited!! Woke up quite early the next morning and headed straight to the mountain…..well the park! 2mins away from out condo!!! Couple laps then a bit of a cruise around the mountain to find our feet

Then for an explore around the town…..

I have decided that I really like Breck already, its a very cool place : )

Stupid computer has broken, but will try and keep you up to date when I can……







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