O’Neill Evolution so far…….

5 Jan

This week I headed over to Davos in Switzerland for the O’Neill Evolution. This was to be my first big competition, and straight in at the deep end with it being a 6 star TTR……with the worlds top pro snowboarders there, it was fair to say I felt I was a little out of my league!!!!

Not only that, but I had only had a few days on snow so far this season, and only a handful of hits one morning on a small jump in Mayrhofen. With a lot the girls here coming from weeks of training in America, I was definitely a little under prepared!!!

But oh well, I was looking at it as an experience, and a learning curve for me. See if this is the path I want to go down. If I could come out in one piece I would be stoked!



Travel from Mayrhofen, mission on the train changing 4 times. Came into Davos, and definitely was sick in my mouth a little when I caught a glimpse of the course through the train window. Met Dan Wakeham and crew and went to apartment. Could see course from the balcony, just making me even more nervous

                                                                                     View from window of jump


First practice day. Couple of quick powder runs then straight to the course. Dan took me up to look at things close up. Things were pretty gnarly (to me anyway). Even standing at the top of the course is terrifying. Pretty much ruled out the big jump straight away as it was 25m!!!! This is HUGE. Not really good for my first jump of the season. But was relieved that most of the girls were only hitting the “small” one too (the small one was still pretty big!). Only a few girls doing the big one. Straight airs and 50/50s for first day for me : ) Even the boys were struggling with the big jump, it was whipy as well as being huge!

The Course

I must just mention the riders tent!!! I have never been in one before, free food, drink, internet, xbox, physio…WOW, felt like i didn’t deserve to be in there really with all the pros!!! Got a little star struck! Also had about 7 cups of FREE tea (Cheryl Mass below!!!!)

Riders Tent



A little snowy and windy, so not the best. Had a few hits on the jump, still no spinning: ( Weather was off putting, and I really want to spin off something smaller first to get my spins back. Didn’t want to risk doing something before I was ready and hurting myself and not being able to compete at all. Got some better tricks on the rails though……took a few nasty bails . Also kneed myself in my face=swollen jaw, sore neck, headache…….FREE MASSAGE!!!!! Really am so worried though, these girls are so much better than me, don’t want to look stupid : (

Front blunt




Woke up feeling pretty broken. Boys qualifications all day today and girls don’t get to practice to 5.30 pm. so decided to chill out in the morning, go down for 12 to watch my team mate, Lewis….

                                                                        Lewis and Sam

                                                                         Billy and Ben

Ill keep you updated hopefully : )


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  1. mattb1234urt 06/01/2012 at 12:25 PM #

    good luck too all uk team especially the Ride snowboards boys and girls,

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