Davos…part 2!

9 Jan


So the weather was still pretty bad. The snow was hammering. All the brit boys did really good in their qualifications. Billy Morgan and Jamie Nicholls got through to the next round. The Girlylegs ladies arrived, was really happy to see some familiar faces! Here is a pic of Nadine and Liz chilling in the riders lounge

After hanging around all day waiting for the ladies practice at 5.30, we managed a couple runs each then it was called off as the weather was too bad, gutted!


Epic amounts of snow had fallen, so today was a bit of a powder day. Here is a pic of Billy Morgan, Sam Turnball and I after a run. And then bellow my friend Courtney Phillipson from Australia

The girls were supposed to be competing today, but as quite a few girls had pulled out, they decided to let the remaining ladies progress straight through to the semi finals the next day!!!! Yikes, the semi finals in a 6 star TTR event, not a position I EVER thought I would be in!!!

Also had a peak at next years O’Neill clothing. And it is lush, easily could have picked myself at least 20 items to take home with me! Hope I dont get in trouble, but here is a sneaky pic I took

Watched the guys semi finals that evening. Was cheering hard for Billy and Jamie. They did so good. Jamie got through to the finals, wooooohoooooo!


Finally the girls were on and we got to ride the course…..and the weather actually cleared up for a bit! I can honestly say that it was the most petrifying moment of my life so far! Even just standing at the top of the course is pretty scary! Here is the view from the top and all the girls waiting to drop :

I really just wanted to stay on my feet so I kept things basic. Im trying not to make excuses for being as shit as I was, but I really havent had the training and days on a snowboard this season that all the other girls had had. So just did what I could do and hoped for the best!

I stuck my first safety run, but fell on my second. I didnt make it through to the finals, the rest of the girls were AMAZING!! Well guess it was the worlds best female snowboarders!!

The finals were straight after, Spencer O’Brien killed it! First place!!! I want to be her! It was so inspiring to watch all the girls in the final. Would give anything to be able to ride like them!!!!

Boys final was crazy, some stunts going down!! Such a good atmosphere watching the night final. Congrats to Mark McMorris for winning! Here is a pic of Dan Wakeham (my team manager) looking very professional doing the live webcasts

Also, here is a pic of Nadine from Girlylegs, looking equally as professional with her camera!!!haha!

And then there was the after party…..considering it was a FREE BAR, I was very well behaved!!! I didnt even do the splits! And came home with all items of clothing and shoes!!!!

Back in Mayrhofen now enjoying the powder and thinking about what I should do next!! Even though it was very intimidating at the start, but I kinda got a buzz from the whole thing. I loved it!! I know I didnt do that well, but I achieved what I wanted to achieve……. to come back in 1 peice, to not come last, to make some new friends and have a new experience. I found it so inspirational and it has given me a goal now. I want to push myself and get some training and try and become a better snowboarder

Massive thank you to Dan Wakeham for looking after me for the week and to O’Neill for putting me up : ) Going to do better for you next year ; )

Sorry about the long post!

Powder and Katie Blundell At The O’Neill Evolution 2012 from Girlylegs on Vimeo.


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