Burton European Open………snowy contest EVER!!!!

9 Feb

So after a couple weeks in Tignes, I packed up my stuff and headed back to Laax, this time for the BEO

BEO Laax

I was staying in a hostel with Si, Faye, Isy and Silvia, it was a pretty cool room…..

Our hostel room! Si and Faye:) Hostel

So I got there on the Saturday, and the girls waited until Thursday in the hope that the weather would clear up and we could compete……..but it was pretty much snowy and windy the whole week, the worst weather!!! The guys managed to squeeze in some of their comp in a small window of good weather, but the girls just weren’t so lucky this time:(

Lift to top of slopestyle course!!!

Top of course!!!

BUT we got some epic POW riding in and lots of hanging out with the girls!

Nap time, waiting for news on the contest Pow riding with Katie O, Si and Faye
The girl gang!!!
Brit girls!!!!

I was pretty gutted the girls slopestyle was cancelled in the end, but I just have to think that it wasn’t meant to be for some reason….

I have just arrived in Breckenridge, stoked to be here! Just want to concentrate on actually riding for  a bit and learning some snowboarding! x


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