The British Board Test, Kaunertal, Austria

12 May

So on Saturday morning we left Mayrhofen for the Board Test in Kaunertal. Mayrhofen was really pretty in the Spring!!!

The Board test was really quiet this year, but this meant we could get really close to the wildlife!!!!!

Me and Rich stayed with the Ride Team this year, here I am at the Ride Demo Tent testing out my new powder board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Chatt also taking an unusual board for  ride…….

Competed in the Whitelines Rail Jam, got to the final but couldnt land my trick, bummer! But had a really nice time anyway, here are some pics……

Then we had a Ride Team BBQ….LJ (aka Bear Grills) constructed a cracking BBQ……

We also had a Ride Team photo shoot on the damn……

Some of the boys decided to cycle up the mountain, including my team manager for O’Neill, Dan Wakeham, so a massive fair play to them!!!!!!

So I tried to be quite productive at the board test, stayed in every night so I could be on the ball for the next day ( loser I know, hahaha!), so fingers crossed some things should pop up in the near future : )

I also have some good news!!!!! But ill post about all that very soon…….

Here is a pic on the drive home…….Austria is lush!!!





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