Northstar Rail Jam : )

25 Mar

Yesterday evening myself, Orla Doolin and some of the UK lads decided to enter the Northstar Rail Jam

The course was either a down box, down flat down or a down rail, all street style set up….pretty mellow and fun!!!

Heres Willis (Will Rad) at the top of the course!

My number!

Mine and Orla’s “Before” shot

Mine and Orla’s “After” shot, uuurrrrrgghhh!!!

We both got to the finals, 5 girls were picked! We were pretty happy, but also pretty exhausted by this time ( discussed how we were going to join a gym to get fitter for next time!!!). 3 hours of hiking all together, they decided on the winners!! Think I rode like a penis, but Orla came 1st……woooohooooooooo!!!!!! I didnt place, so reckon I maybe came 4th/5th then : )

The awards ceremony

Team UK cleaned up……Matt 1st, Nuddsy 2nd, Will Smith 3rd…..and Orla doing it for the ladies in 1st place!!!

So stoked for everyone. I had a fun night, got a couple of tricks down that I was pleased with so its all good. Hoping that maybe someone filmed it so we can make a little edit ; ) x


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