The Road Trip so far…..

28 Feb

On Friday, Will Radula, Rich Jonas, Sophie Addison and myself left Breckenridge for our week long road trip down to Tahoe. Here are some pics from our trip so far….

First stop.. BEAVER CREEK…. for a days riding

                                             Beaver Rail@ Beaver Creek

                                             Sophie Creek “Beaver”!!!!

On the road to Grand Junction, pretty much in the middle of no where!!!


                                            Soph editing on the road!

                                            Soph got bored!!!



                                          Soph enjoying the fine cuisine from 7-11

FIRST STREET RAIL of the season…..

We checked out Salt Lake City, but there was literally no snow down there. So we had to find a spot higher up nearer the snowline…..

                                            Wonky on my frontside hit!

                                Pic from Wills I-Phone

It was a nice rail for the first one this year, although for me and Soph speed was a huge issue. One broken board (Rich) and one smashed face (Soph) later we got some shots so we were happy!

                                            Poor Sophie’s face : (

Its dumping now so reckon we might be able to do some street down in SLC in the next couple of days : )

The edits we have to do are building up, but we are trying to get them done so I will keep you updated!x





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