27 Dec

So christmas morning we headed up to have breakfast at the Girlylegs House. Which was closely followed by Bucks Fiz (think this is where the downward spiral started for me). Then we got ready and headed up the hill

Outside Girlylegs Flat

Kept it mellow for christmas day shred, couple park laps and cruising around the mountain. Then of course having a christmas day beer break

Christmas day beer break

Few more runs, then back down the hill for xmas dinner…..via apres bar for quick xmas day Jagermeister!!!

The ladies cooked up a storm, it was delicious

Then drinking games, party hats, and a Girlylegs Make-over for me (thanks Nadine!!!!)….then we hit the town. Who knows what happened next but here is one of the pictures I found….oh dear

Gymnastics in the Toilet

I very rarely drink nowadays and had actually been T-Total for a few months now, so this hangover hit me hard! I am now firmly back on the wagon now, and concentrating on  my snowboarding, not partying!!!

Here is a video that Liz from Girlylegs made of the day

Girlylegs Christmas from Girlylegs on Vimeo.

Thank you so much to Girlylegs for including Rich and I in the festivities. We had a lovely day : ) Sorry to everyone whom I crossed paths with that evening, i’m very embarrassed!! Happy Christmas everyone  x x x x

ps. if anyone finds my white wolf t-shirt, please let me know


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