The start of the season….

19 Dec

So the start of seasons never quite go to plan!!! The Ride team trip got cancelled as there was no snow: (  So then I left for Mayrhofen last saturday. Finally got here on wednesday, via Stubai and Val Gardena, Italy!!! (long long story!!). First morning in Mayrhofen we went for a walk to start looking for some accommodation , heres a pic of the river!



5 days later, we were still looking for accom. It was so hard to find accom in Mayrhofen this year, dont think we could have tried any harder. We walked miles and miles each day. We even thought about sacking it off and going to Morzine, accom was easier to find and they have LOADS of snow.

But we have found somewhere, well not our own pad but someone who we can crash with : ) STOKED!!! So thank you Greg and Dee Dee!!! And massive thank you to GIRLYLEGS for letting us keep their place warm before they arrive here on the 23rd

So decision made, we bought our lift passes and went for our first shred here today. Here is a pic of the dashing Rich Jonas

There has not been much snow here yet, but they built some cool features in the park already to get warmed up on. Want to check out some of the other resorts nearby too. Really need to get on some jumping as have a comp in 2 weeks and haven’t hit a jump yet this season………pretty scared as i’m going to be WAY out of my league

And here is a pic of the view coming down in the gondola at the end of the day

So now we can relax a bit and enjoy christmas  x


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