O’Neill : )

19 Nov

I still cant quite believe my luck, but I have a lovely new sponsor…..O’Neill. There has been chat about it for the last few months, but now its official! It also means that I can still stay with Ride for hard goods and then have O’Neill for outerwear and clothing : )

They sent me a box of goodies a couple of weeks ago, and it was like christmas!!! I felt well and truly spoilt!

Then I had a photo shoot in my new stuff (lets face it, “Next Top Model” is out for me this year!!!!). Pics taken by a Devonshire photographer , Aladdin Gulec

 Bumped into the Girlylegs crew at Freeze Festival a couple weeks ago and had a chat with them about stuff, here is a link to the interview, just click on the image:

Only a couple of weeks left now until the season begins for me. First stop, France! Have been working/ saving pretty hard for the last couple of months, so no riding for me : ( But excited to get back on my board again now, and a little nervous as I really hope I can do well for O’Neill this season : )

Huge thank you to Dan Wakeham too for hooking me up. I owe you a beer!!!! Big time!

And thank you to all the lovely ladies at O’Neill x




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