Freeze Festival, London UK

30 Oct

This saturday I went up to London to hang out at Freeze that was held in Battersea Power Station. They have music, drinking, snowboard brands and snowboarding. Seemed like the whole of the UK snowboard scene was there! I only went for the day as I had to work the next morning, so I escaped before it/I got too crazy! But I managed to watch some of the riding, here is a pic of Billy Morgan from the day before at the top of the drop in for the kicker (I forgot my camera so have stolen pics from Facebook!)

                                         Billy Morgan, Freeze 2011

And here is a pic of Ian Ashmore (Thrasmore) from the Dalikfodda crew, gutted I missed watching him on friday!

                                          Thrashmore, Freeze 2011

Props to Jamie Nicholls for killing in the finals on Saturday! Was really ace to see everyone again and catch up. Got to meet all the O’Neill lot too which was awesome, got me stoked for the season : )


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