Girls Holiday to Majorca!

10 Oct

So after three years of back to back winters I decided to head Majorca for a last minute girlie holiday and a sun fix. I love winter but I had definitely got to the point where I was desperate for a little bit of summer…even if it was just for 5 days


I got my hair done, got myself a spray tan (thanks Keira Hill!!!) and went on a crash diet of tea and sit-ups to prepare!!! I packed my bag, and set off to the sunny shores of Majorca with my two lovely friends, Laura and Nicola

Laura and Nicola

I would like to say we did loads of adventurous stuff and write some really interesting things……but we basically just lay on a beach, ate and slept!

Me and Laura on the beach

Something that is worth mentioning though is that we managed one 15kg suitcase between THREE GIRLS!! I think this is impressive!

                                                                        The three of us!

We had one crazy (ish) night out…. well, I went a bit crazy with sangria, spanish shots and acrobatics in a maxi skirt (not advised)

The calm before the storm…….

Subsequently the 5 day holiday was reduced to 4, as the next day was lost in a sea of sickness, headaches, blurred vision and naps on the bathroom floor

I’m now feeling fresh (ish), revitalised and ready to attack next winter!


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