Burton Hi 5 Tammworth

30 Sep

So after arriving back from OZ in the early hours on Friday morning, I decided to head to Tammworth for the Burton High 5, and to watch the Grindhouse new movie (which was sick by the way, props to Jamie Durham!)


It started at 9, jam session to warm up, then the heats, then a 2 run final at 12.30am!  Having not succeeded in sleeping much at all, I was pretty jet lagged to say the least. So thought it would be a great idea to have 3 cans of monster, oh no! Felt like id been out raving all night, and was in my own little world!


It was also hard to adjust to riding indoors, it was totally different from the slushy spring shred id just left in OZ.


So in short, I rode like a penis!!!ha! So sorry to everyone that had to watch that! And sorry to everyone I crossed paths with that night, was really not all there!!!


Was pretty gutted to as I wanted to try and do some stuff I had learnt over the summer, but could even do the tricks I can normally do. 50/50s were even a struggle!


Somehow made it to the finals, continued to ride like a penis. There were 4 chicks in the final, I didn’t  get placed so reckon I came 4th! Pretty happy with that! So stoked for Orla Doolin coming 1st, this lady has some steeze and think she is one to look out for! All the ladies were killing the features


Im now happy to report that i’m feeling a little more human. I would recommend  never riding with jetlag and 3+ cans of Monster! I would def like to get some indoor riding practice in before the next one


Here is a vid of the night from Gonzilla……



Burton High 5 2011: Tamworth from gonzilla.tv on Vimeo.


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  1. Agatha 21/09/2021 at 10:35 AM #

    Great poost

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