Perisher Slopestyle Night Series……Event Three

19 Sep

On Saturday was the last of the Perisher Night Slopestyle Series.  Qualifications were in the morning and all of the ladies made it through to the night competition. As it  is the end of the season here, conditions of the snow are a little hit and miss. But the course held up pretty well. Either a street style box or a flat down rail to hit at the top, then into four jumps

By the evening time the slush had frozen and the course was pretty firm. I did a safety run first and manage to stay on my feet. Then I went for a better run but slipped over on the icey landing : (

The girls once again were KILLING it!!! The standard of chicks here is pretty high and everyone had stepped it up for the last comp. I missed out on the podium and came 4th, which I was really happy with. I was so nervous (again) and actually felt like I was going to throw up at the top of the course this time….really need to sort this out!!

These are the only pics I can find of the chicks so far

                                                                         Amber Arazney

                                                                         Aubriana Dunn, First Place Overall Champion

Relived its over now and so stoked I got to ride with some girls that I have idolised for a while!!!

                                                                         Me and the girls in the qualifications

Think I managed 4th place in the overall series too which is awesome. Good finish to the season!!

Here is a vid from the night, im not in it but I was there….probably throwing up at the top of the course!!


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