Perisher Slopestyle Night Series….Event Two!

23 Aug

So saturday was the 2nd round of the Perisher Slopestyle Night Series. Because it was so popular last time, this time you had to do heats in the morning to get through to the night comp. As there were not many girls in my category, we all got through anyway which was lucky for me! So we just used the heats to get used to the new course and the new bigger money booter! Jed and Harley from our crew (BHK) got through too so I was stoked that we were all in the finals together again. No pics of me or the boys have surfaced yet, so here are just some pic of the course!

                                                                         A snowboarder on the jibs


Then onto the evening event. Again, I was so SO nervous. Even after promising myself that I wouldn’t get nervous this time! The course was pretty firm so I was a little cautious. I went for a safety run my first run and actually landed everything this time thank god. Nothing too tech but I was happy to stay on my feet for once!

                                                                         A skier on the Whale Tail!


Then the second run I wanted to go for it!!!! I don’t know how I managed it but I was actually excited for this run rather than nervous, which was a totally new experience for me! But then disaster struck and I fell over on a straight air, oooops! Had to miss out a jump but then thought I had enough speed still for the last big jump……oh how wrong was I. Tried to spin off it but landed hard on the knuckle and bounced very ungracefully down the landing! Was kinda glad that I at least got the balls up to try and spin it anyway. For me it was quite a big jump to spin off so was trying to console myself with that thought!!

                                                                         Snowboarder on the last big booter!!!


Straight to the pub to drown my sorrows! Unfortunately I didn’t place, came 4th place, my safety run wasn’t enough. But I am excited for the final event in sept……..and if anyone would like to teach me how to snowboard before then it would be very much appreciated!!!


All was not lost as I got to hang around with some really cool girls for the day who are really REALLY good snowboarders and an inspiration to watch. So a pretty fun day/night in the end : ) x


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