Thredbo Freeride Series – Slopestyle

20 Jul

Yesterday I headed over to Thredbo for the Thredbo Freeride Series. Its a series of 5 events over the season, and I went over for the Slopestyle. It was my first time to Thredbo…….and my first time leaving Perisher this season! My friend Nathan/Louis (not sure which name he prefers) gave me a ride over there… a big thank you to him!


The weather wasn’t amazing….well it was pissing it down!! But still 100+ turned up for the comp. The standard was pretty high and the rails pretty gnarly. We only got a couple of practice runs, then the rain eased off and we were on.

It was a down rail, to gap to down rail, to 2 jumps


We got 2 runs and as usual I was VERY nervous. I went for a mega safety run on my first and managed to not fall. Then went for a better run but fell twice. I came 3rd overall!!!!!! I was so happy for my first oz comp! The girls are really really good! I hung out with my friend Jade for the day, a girl I met on my first season in oz. She is an AMAZING rider. She came in 2nd!!!

                                                                         sorry, my Ebay camera is still s**t

So a good day, nice to experience another mountain, although I would like to go back there when its sunny. BUT, the highlight of my day was on the drive up to Thredbo in the morning…….. I got the shock of my life when I saw these 2 Emus just chilling on the side of the road. They are like gigantic Chickens with orange eyes! I took a pic but it didn’t come out that well, but you can just about make it out

Im over the Kangeroos now, it’s all about the Emus!


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